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  1. 513 downloads
    dustin-elock-client (0.3) elock-client provides a simple ruby interface to the elock distributed lock server.
  2. 192 downloads
    dustin-god ( God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.
  3. 1,334 downloads
    dustin-r2flickr ( r2flickr is a fork of rflickr, a Ruby implementation of the Flickr API. It includes a faithful re...
  4. 684 downloads
    dustin-ruby-summize (0.3.1) A simple client for the summize twitter search engine
  5. 184 downloads
    dustin-trie (0.0.2) Implemention of a trie data structure
  6. 513 downloads
    dustin-twitter (0.3.7) a command line interface for twitter, also a library which wraps the twitter api
  7. 1,371 downloads
    dustMason-right_aws (2.1.0) == DESCRIPTION: The RightScale AWS gems have been designed to provide a robust, fast, and secure...
  8. 8,840 downloads
    dust-rails (0.4.0) This gem makes it easy to use dust.js with rails.
  9. 3,097 downloads
    dust-sinatra (0.1.2) dust-sinatra helps you use dust.js with sinatra.
  10. 349 downloads
    dusty-basic_deploy (0.0.2) Basic deploy script for capistrano
  11. 182 downloads
    dusty-easy_ddns (0.0.2) DDNS Updater for
  12. 341 downloads
    dusty-geocoder (0.0.3) Interface to Google's Geocoder API
  13. 537 downloads
    dusty-noko_parser (0.1.0) Wrapper around Nokogiri to easily parse xml files with xpath
  14. 177 downloads
    dusty-patron (0.4.3) Ruby HTTP client library based on libcurl
  15. 1,143 downloads
    dutchess (0.0.3) Returns a randomly selected Dutchism
  16. 3,524 downloads
    dutchfaker (0.2.0) Creates fake Dutch names and addresses
  17. 573 downloads
    dutchman (0.0.2) Imagine you are writing a screencast and wanted to save yourself the embarassment of all those ty...
  18. 413 downloads
    duties (0.0.3) A Rails engine that runs activities related to a duty in a specific order, via Sidekiq.
  19. 6,201 downloads
    dutws_foo (0.0.8) right now only mongoid is supported
  20. 1,272 downloads
    dutws_foo_rails3 (0.0.3) right now only mongoid is supported
  21. 13,334 downloads
    duvet (0.4.0) A simple code coverage tool for Ruby 1.9. Add 'Duvet.start' to the top of your test helpe...
  22. 179 downloads
    duwanis-aide (0.0.4) Aide provides a DSL for quickly and easily building Jabber (XMPP) bots.
  23. 175 downloads
    duwanis-burble (0.1.1) Burble allows you to send notifications to whatever growl-like service is installed on the target...
  24. 1,354 downloads
    duwanis-rubyku (0.2.1) Rubyku is a library for accessing the public Jaiku API from a Ruby application.
  25. 905 downloads
    duyoji_gem_test (0.0.2) this is duyoji_gem_test description
  26. 448 downloads
    duyoji_todo (1.0.0) Perfect Ruby chapter15
  27. 7,003 downloads
    dvash (0.1.1) Part honeypot, part defense system. Opens up ports and simulates services in order to look like ...
  28. 2,847 downloads
    dvd-converter (0.2.1) dvd-converter is a set of helper scripts to consistantly back up DVD's use good compressi...
  29. 186 downloads
    dvdplm-aasm (2.0.6) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects. T...
  30. 1,503 downloads
    dvdplm-ar_mailer (2.1.3) Even delivering email to the local machine may take too long when you have to send hundreds of me...