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  1. 1,577 downloads
    datebox (0.2) Offers help with managing dates and periods
  2. 4,723 downloads
    date-casually (0.2.0) If you've never liked (and always seem to forget) the name of the Rails distance_of_time_in_words...
  3. 1,309 downloads
    date_checkbox (0.0.1) This is a rails-plugin which can create a checkbox for attributes which are datetime-fiel...
  4. 795 downloads
    date-constructor (0.0.1) Date and DateTime don't have sensible constructors. You can't construct one using an existing Da...
  5. 4,993 downloads
    dated_backup (0.2.1) Incremental Dated Backups Using Rsync
  6. 1,631 downloads
    date_diff (0.0.4) How many years, months and days are there between two dates
  7. 1,708 downloads
    dated_version (2008.07.0) A simple to use version class based on a date and iterative tiny version.
  8. 2,546 downloads
    date_easter (0.0.1) This module calculates the date upon which Easter falls, a date upon which many holidays in the W...
  9. 11,441 downloads
    date_ext (0.1.2) Ruby classes for weekday, month, etc.
  10. 973 downloads
    date_extended (0.0.2) extend Date class
  11. 548 downloads
    datefield (0.1.1.pre) jQuery adds a datepicker that can be placed on certain input tags, this enables users to use regu...
  12. 3,733 downloads
    date_filter (1.0.0) Adds newest and oldest methods to ActiveRecord
  13. 432 downloads
    date_format (0.1.0) The library take raw date as input and adds a method to give formatted date.
  14. 3,451 downloads
    date_formatter (0.0.2) Format dates with a common format. Useful for making views and specs more readable.
  15. 341 downloads
    date_from_params (0.0.2) Gem for fetching date or datetime from rails view helpers
  16. 432 downloads
    datehelper (0.1.1) A tiny gem to your fr dates =)
  17. 430 downloads
    date_helper (1.1.0) Adds some useful methods to the Date class.
  18. 377 downloads
    date-holiday (0.0.2) determination of holiday
  19. 4,005 downloads
    date-input-rails (0.0.3) Rails support for <input type='date'> with a jQuery UI datepicker polyfill
  20. 966 downloads
    date_interval (0.0.3) Parse date intervals from strings
  21. 22,880 downloads
    datejs-rails (2.0.1) The datejs Javascript library ready to play with Rails
  22. 884 downloads
    dateless_time (0.0.4) A class to handle dateless time values. DatelessTime objects are a lightweight alternative to Rub...
  23. 1,111 downloads
    date_molder (0.0.1) Generates an strftime format using human readable date.
  24. 7,435 downloads
    date_output (1.1.2) A gem to with shortcuts and simple worded outputs for dates.
  25. 2,094 downloads
    date_params (2.0.1) Dates passed in by date-pickers or text-input fields to a rails controller need to be converted t...
  26. 4,116 downloads
    date_parity (0.1.2) Rails Date formatting and parsing per request via Date.format.
  27. 20,631 downloads
    date-performance (0.4.8) Adds some semblance of performance to Ruby's core Date class.
  28. 443 downloads
    date_period (0.0.0) Date period
  29. 154 downloads
    date_plus (0.0.2) Additional methods for date objects
  30. 7,852 downloads
    dater (0.3.3) This gem aims to help you with dates treatment, specially in regression test where you have to us...