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  1. 7,876 downloads
    dater (0.3.3) This gem aims to help you with dates treatment, specially in regression test where you have to us...
  2. 1,813 downloads
    date_range (0.0.0) Placeholder for a gem to be migrated later
  3. 2,826 downloads
    date_range_covers (0.0.4) The gem helps find the years, months, weeks and days covered by a date range
  4. 550 downloads
    date_range_formatter (0.1.1) This is a date range formatter with i18 support. This gem can help you make your dates at views n...
  5. 681 downloads
    daterangepicker-rails (0.0.3) Include Dan Grossman's Bootstrap DateRangePicker Easily in your rails app
  6. 4,831 downloads
    dateranger (0.3.0) description of gem
  7. 4,925 downloads
    date_ranger (0.0.5) Provides date range methods
  8. 5,872 downloads
    date_range_scopes (0.0.6) Automatically add scopes for day, week, month and year ranges to Active Record models.
  9. 213 downloads
    date_range_solr_query (0.0.1.beta1) Generates a date range query to send to Solr.
  10. 3,476 downloads
    dates (1.0.4) Dates keeps track of things you two have been meaning to do, and learns to make good suggestions ...
  11. 333 downloads
    dates2svg (0.0.1.beta1) Generate a SVG month grid w/ heatmap based on array of dates.
  12. 2,538 downloads
    date_scopable (0.0.3) Convenient scopes for retrieving ActiveRecord models by date
  13. 5,121 downloads
    datescope (0.0.6) Extends the ActiveRecord models with date scopes
  14. 8,850 downloads
    date_scopes (0.1.5) Adds a simple macro, has_date_scopes to ActiveRecord. When used it adds a number of convinience s...
  15. 3,662 downloads
    date_select_separator (0.0.6) Add separators to data_select on Rails.
  16. 508 downloads
    dateseq (0.0.3) Generate date sequence like seq command
  17. 16,564 downloads
    DateSetter (1.4.2) It sets a random date in given range
  18. 92 downloads
    dateslices (0.0.1) A Rails 4 ActiveRecord plugin that adds group_by_day, group_by_month, etc. Not timezone aware, bu...
  19. 4,785 downloads
    datesplit (0.0.4) Generate date objects from a date duration string (eg. 'September 9th-12th, 2012')
  20. 25,160 downloads
    datet (0.0.25) A framework for handeling date- and time-related stuff in Ruby.
  21. 3,843 downloads
    date_time_attribute (0.1.2) Allows you to work with the date and time parts of DateTime attributes separately. Plays with tim...
  22. 1,782 downloads
    date_time-duration (0.0.1) Handle datetime duration easy
  23. 2,177 downloads
    date_time_formats (0.1.1) Common formats for Time in Rails apps using YAML configuration.
  24. 2,926 downloads
    datetimepicker (0.0.3) Custom field for individual setting of date and time for Rails :datetime attributes.
  25. 5,200 downloads
    date_time_picker (0.5.6) A library allows to select date and time.
  26. 1,317 downloads
    datetimepicker_gea (0.0.8) Using three different methods, you can easily insert a rails datetimepicker into your project.
  27. 11,226 downloads
    date_time_precision (0.7.1) Patches Date, Time, and DateTime ruby classes to keep track of precision
  28. 5,016 downloads
    date_time-smart (0.0.3) wrapper of date_time using date_time-duration
  29. 1,767 downloads
    datetimespan (0.1.0) Render a date/time span according to an strftime pattern. Only works with sensibly ordered date-f...
  30. 302 downloads
    datetime_tag_helper (0.0.1) ActionView Datetime Tag Helper.