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  1. 2,495 downloads
    datatables-rails-bs3 (0.0.6) datatables bootstrap 3 for rails
  2. 215 downloads
    datatables_server (0.0.1) DatatablesServer will receive a number of variables from a Datatables client and it will perfor...
  3. 373 downloads
    data_task (0.0.3) DataTask provides dependency-based programming for data workflows on top of the Rake build tool.
  4. 2,533 downloads
    data_tasks (0.2.0) Adds a second migration phase to a Rails project for data migrations. Just like migratio...
  5. 2,859 downloads
    data_tools (0.6.6) Data-munging utilities, including extensions to Array, Hash, String, Symbol plus data conversions...
  6. 13,513 downloads
    datatrans (3.0.2) Datatrans Integration for Ruby on Rails
  7. 13,737 downloads
    data_transformation (2.0.4) To keep the necessity of changing data out of migrations, transformations keep track of that
  8. 210 downloads
    data_transformer (1.0.0) Declarative transformations for objects and object collections
  9. 1,359 downloads
    data_translation (1.1.0) Provides a means to write data translation maps in Ruby and transform data from a source object.
  10. 1,715 downloads
    data_transport (0.3.3) A gem for importing and exporting large quantities of data.
  11. 116 downloads
    datatxt (0.0.2) Gem for dataTXT API (
  12. 16,412 downloads
    data_uri (0.1.0) URI class for parsing data URIs
  13. 1,393 downloads
    data-uri (0.0.1) Read / Write Data URI
  14. 8,241 downloads
    data_validator (0.1.1) DataValidator has almost active_recorde validation methods.
  15. 8,264 downloads
    dataview (0.3.1) Data View is a library that creates a view of a data model. The view can transform the data of th...
  16. 3,896 downloads
    data-writer (1.0) Normally you can only read from DATA but with data-writer you can also write to it. This allows y...
  17. 2,768 downloads
    date_age (0.0.2) Calculate age with Date class
  18. 1,467 downloads
    date_and_time_input (0.0.2) DateAndTimeInput is a Rails extension, providing a form input for DateTime attributes arranged as...
  19. 1,835 downloads
    datebox (0.2) Offers help with managing dates and periods
  20. 4,874 downloads
    date-casually (0.2.0) If you've never liked (and always seem to forget) the name of the Rails distance_of_time_in_words...
  21. 1,360 downloads
    date_checkbox (0.0.1) This is a rails-plugin which can create a checkbox for attributes which are datetime-fiel...
  22. 852 downloads
    date-constructor (0.0.1) Date and DateTime don't have sensible constructors. You can't construct one using an existing Da...
  23. 5,147 downloads
    dated_backup (0.2.1) Incremental Dated Backups Using Rsync
  24. 1,839 downloads
    date_diff (0.0.4) How many years, months and days are there between two dates
  25. 1,762 downloads
    dated_version (2008.07.0) A simple to use version class based on a date and iterative tiny version.
  26. 2,675 downloads
    date_easter (0.0.1) This module calculates the date upon which Easter falls, a date upon which many holidays in the W...
  27. 11,765 downloads
    date_ext (0.1.2) Ruby classes for weekday, month, etc.
  28. 1,072 downloads
    date_extended (0.0.2) extend Date class
  29. 560 downloads
    datefield (0.1.1.pre) jQuery adds a datepicker that can be placed on certain input tags, this enables users to use regu...
  30. 3,879 downloads
    date_filter (1.0.0) Adds newest and oldest methods to ActiveRecord