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  1. 156 downloads
    dacz-authuser (0.1.2) User Auth For Rails, forked from Clearance.
  2. 1,870 downloads
    dada (0.0.1) A library for interfacing with the Dada Entertainment API.
  3. 3,723 downloads
    dadablog (0.0.4) dadablog is a simple blog engine, is very friendly to github and rack protocol.
  4. 34,227 downloads
    daddy (0.3.10) Daddy helps me build web applications since daddy knows some good practices.
  5. 8,136 downloads
    daddys_girl (1.0.0) Rubygem to provide object_daddy-like syntax for factory_girl
  6. 4,367 downloads
    daedal (0.0.14) Classes for easier ElasticSearch query creation
  7. 404 downloads
    daedal-sl (0.0.1) Ruby block DSL for writing ElasticSearch queries
  8. 1,883 downloads
    daedalus (2.0.1) Daedalus will watch the output of any number of programs and trigger events when certain inputs a...
  9. 20,953 downloads
    daedalus-core (0.1.0) Daedalus is a build system based on years of attempting to build Rubinus with a collection of Rak...
  10. 1,390 downloads
    daeltar-clockwork (0.2.4) A scheduler process to replace cron, using a more flexible Ruby syntax running as a single long-r...
  11. 5,961 downloads
    daeltar-enum_field (0.2.1) enum_field encapsulates a bunch of common idioms around ActiveRecord validates_inclusion_of
  12. 154 downloads
    daeltar-mini_factory (0.2) mini_factory is simple factory builder
  13. 9,139 downloads
    daemon (1.2.0) Make calling script to become a daemon with pid file locking support and stdout/stderr redirection
  14. 3,270 downloads
    daemonchild (0.0.2) A stripped down and straightforward way to write daemons in Ruby.
  15. 3,334,321 downloads
    daemon_controller (1.2.0) A library for robust daemon management.
  16. 2,140 downloads
    daemonic (0.1.3) Daemonic makes multi-threaded daemons easy.
  17. 2,299 downloads
    daemonize (0.0.1) Daemon helper
  18. 75,689 downloads
    daemonizer (0.4.18) Inspired by bundler and rack. Mostly built on top of Alexey Kovyrin's loops code. http://github.c...
  19. 352 downloads
    daemonize_rails (0.0.2) Daemonize Rails will configure your server to add a new process for your rails app in production.
  20. 1,865 downloads
    daemonizr (0.1.0) Process forking and monitoring for mere mortals
  21. 77,238 downloads
    daemon-kit (0.3.1) daemon-kit aims to simplify creating Ruby daemons by providing a sound application skeleton (thro...
  22. 3,500 downloads
    daemon_objects (0.1.9) A light-weight approach to creating and managing daemons in an object-oriented way. Supports any...
  23. 13,494 downloads
    daemon-ogre (2.0.3) Simple to use app ARGV based daemonizer
  24. 13,958,961 downloads
    daemons (1.1.9) Daemons provides an easy way to wrap existing ruby scripts (for example a self-written server) t...
  25. 948 downloads
    daemon_signals (0.0.2) There are times when you need to restart threads and jobs if your process is daemonized. This gem...
  26. 12,337 downloads
    daemons-mikehale (1.0.14) This is Daemons 1.0.10 with the addition of Chris Kline's fix from
  27. 184,836 downloads
    daemon-spawn (0.4.2) With daemon-spawn you can start, stop and restart processes that run in the background. Proce...
  28. 1,412 downloads
    daemon-spawn-tanin (0.4.3) With daemon-spawn you can start, stop and restart processes that run \ in the background. Proc...
  29. 51,461 downloads
    daemons-rails (1.2.1) daemonization support for Rails 3+
  30. 7,374 downloads
    daemontools (0.1.3) Distributed storage