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  1. 12,485 downloads
    dirb (2.0.2) This gem has been renamed to diffy. `gem install diffy`
  2. 805 downloads
    dirby (0.2) Dirby provides enhancements to IRB to make it work more like Interactive Python. Out of the box i...
  3. 18,681 downloads
    dircat (0.2.1) command line utilities to manage catalogs of directory damn simple catalog based on tagg...
  4. 1,342 downloads
    dir_checksum (0.4.2) Ruby library to recursively checksum a directory (and later diff working directory against the ch...
  5. 3,132 downloads
    dirclass (0.0.2) A gem that extends the Dir class with a list method
  6. 1,698 downloads
    dirdiff (0.0.2) description of gem
  7. 2,516 downloads
    dir_dsl (1.0.5) Library for working with files and directories in DSL-way
  8. 18,796 downloads
    direct_address (0.1.1) Direct Address provides a rails app with simple address features. This is a streamlined implement...
  9. 17,820 downloads
    directed-edge (0.3.2) Bindings for the Directed Edge webservices API
  10. 8,943 downloads
    direct_employers (0.0.6) Ruby Wrapper for the Direct Employers API
  11. 328 downloads
    direction (0.0.2) Forward messages to collaborators in East-oriented style.
  12. 928 downloads
    directions (0.0.1) A gem to easily request directions from
  13. 8,360 downloads
    directlytos3 (0.2.0) A rails helper to create an S3 upload form
  14. 1,020 downloads
    director (0.0.1) Scheduler
  15. 6,627 downloads
    directories_interface (0.0.7) Searches for a person over ETV SOAP service and returns an array of phone and fax numbers and ema...
  16. 125 downloads
    directorio_agencias_pr (1.0.0.pre) Scrapes Puerto Rico's Agency Directory
  17. 1,341 downloads
    directory (0.0.1) An abstraction layer to help deal with directory in applications.
  18. 336 downloads
    DirectoryBuilder (0.0.1) dsl for building a diretory
  19. 11,132 downloads
    directory_listing (0.5.1) A Sinatra extension for generating easy, CSS-styled, Apache-like directory listings.
  20. 2,645 downloads
    directory_template (1.0.1) DirectoryTemplate is a library which lets you generate directory structures and files from a temp...
  21. 947 downloads
    directory-traversal (0.0.0) Provides a few simple methods to make traversing directories a bit easier and more powerful
  22. 561,974 downloads
    directory_watcher (1.5.1) The directory watcher operates by scanning a directory at some interval and generating a list of ...
  23. 238 downloads
    directree (0.0.1) directree is convenient DSL for creating directory tree and text files with content
  24. 4,555 downloads
    direct_ssh (0.1.4) In order to use SSH or SCP without the need to enter password every time, this gem will create pu...
  25. 4,178 downloads
    directwave (0.0.9) A simple way to direct upload big files to Amazon S3 storage from Ruby applications and process i...
  26. 2,868 downloads
    dir_friend (0.1.2) `DirFriend` is a tool for generating a DOT file which represent file directories.
  27. 9,911 downloads
    dirge (0.0.5) Relative require, relative autoload and __DIR__
  28. 10,879 downloads
    dirigible (1.1.1) An Urban Airship v3 API wrapper written in Ruby
  29. 1,717 downloads
    dirk (0.1.0) Makes your file system act as a database
  30. 1,364 downloads
    dirmangle (0.0.2) dirmangle is a tool for copying, moving, or creating symlinks to sets of files using regular expr...