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  1. 21,929 downloads
    dial_a_device_node (0.0.152) Description
  2. 324 downloads
    dialect (0.0.1) Dialect is a framework that provides a way to describe your application in terms of acti...
  3. 5,211 downloads
    dialog (0.1.2) Dialog is a ruby gem for interfacing with the dialog(1) program. It does away with the manual com...
  4. 353 downloads
    dialog-fu (0.2.1) A high-level API for simple user interfaces with dialog programs
  5. 12,405 downloads
    dialy (0.4.1) Knows all area codes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  6. 6,013 downloads
    diametric (0.1.3) Diametric is a library for building schemas, queries, and transactions for Datomic from Ruby obje...
  7. 4,221 downloads
    diamond (0.4.3) A MIDI arpeggiator in Ruby
  8. 4,125 downloads
    diamond-engine (0.3.5) Common functionality for music instruments and sequencers in Ruby
  9. 1,238 downloads
    diamond_invoice (0.5.1) Parses and extracts useful information from Diamond Comic Distributor's invoice files.
  10. 4,740 downloads
    diamond-mechanize (2.4) The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize automatically s...
  11. 26,964 downloads
    diamond_shell (0.226) This is the Diamond-Shell project. It is in testing phase - please keep this in mind when tryin...
  12. 5,914 downloads
    diana (0.0.4) Diana is a command line utility for manage bind zone files easily, it's not a parser.
  13. 3,798 downloads
    diandian-oauth (0.1.1) A Ruby Client for diandian API
  14. 1,476 downloads
    dianping (0.0.2) api wrapper
  15. 3,230 downloads
    dian_ping (0.1.0) 大众点评开放平台ruby版SDK-
  16. 1,314 downloads
    dianxin (0.0.1) gem to integrate with sichuan china telecom
  17. 1,660 downloads
    diarb (0.0.1) Addon for IRB to log command run and their returns to a file. Return values are comments so the d...
  18. 1,420 downloads
    diarize-jruby (0.2.1-java) A library for JRuby wrapping the LIUM Speaker Diarization and including a few extra tools
  19. 887 downloads
    dia_rules (0.0.1) Diagram library for rules program language
  20. 11,724 downloads
    diary (0.2.2) Diary makes it easy to maintain a file based website with template blog posts and pages.
  21. 1,158 downloads
    diaspora (0.0.1) Experimental gem for setting up and managing a Diaspora pod.
  22. 4,480 downloads
    diaspora-cluster-creator (0.4.0) Command-line utility to create Diaspora cluster
  23. 1,362 downloads
    diaspora-vines (0.1.22) Diaspora-vines is a Vines fork build for diaspora integration. DO NOT use it unless you know what...
  24. 362 downloads
    diatheke (0.1.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  25. 6,262 downloads
    dibber (0.3.1) Packages up code needed to pull data from YAML files when seeding, and adds a process log.
  26. 1,096 downloads
    dibs (0.1.0) DIBS payment gateway library
  27. 1,462 downloads
    dibs_hmac (0.1.2) An implementation of DIBS Message authentication code. Has correct sorting and rules for which pa...
  28. 2,192 downloads
    dic (1.0.2) Simple dependency injection container
  29. 5,095 downloads
    dice (0.0.3) Dice are delicious!
  30. 3,854 downloads
    dicebag (3.1.0) A very flexible dice rolling library for Ruby.