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  1. 6,036 downloads
    dibber (0.3.1) Packages up code needed to pull data from YAML files when seeding, and adds a process log.
  2. 1,063 downloads
    dibs (0.1.0) DIBS payment gateway library
  3. 1,370 downloads
    dibs_hmac (0.1.2) An implementation of DIBS Message authentication code. Has correct sorting and rules for which pa...
  4. 2,125 downloads
    dic (1.0.2) Simple dependency injection container
  5. 5,007 downloads
    dice (0.0.3) Dice are delicious!
  6. 3,738 downloads
    dicebag (3.1.0) A very flexible dice rolling library for Ruby.
  7. 12,861 downloads
    dice_bag (0.8.0) Dice Bag is a library of rake tasks for configuring web apps in the style of The Twelve-Factor Ap...
  8. 222 downloads
    dice_box (0.2.0) A gem with dices, to get rolling with Ruby.
  9. 3,179 downloads
    dicechucker (0.8.0) creates and rolls die sets using standard XdY+Z notation
  10. 1,040 downloads
    dice_game (1.0.0) The Pragmatic Studio Online Game. See
  11. 2,944 downloads
    dicer (0.3.0) useful DCI for Rails
  12. 2,575 downloads
    dice_roll (0.0.2) A library that throws some dice and gives you the result, you can choose the number of dice and t...
  13. 2,084 downloads
    diceroller (0.0.3) A dice rolling gem that provides an effective and hopefully extensible API t...
  14. 4,250 downloads
    dice_roller (0.0.4) dice_roller is a pure ruby application that rolls dice for role playing games. it is prim...
  15. 321 downloads
    diceware (0.2.0) Generate secure, memorable passphrases... even without dice.
  16. 1,528 downloads
    dicey (0.0.1) Create dice for use in games such as Yahtzee.
  17. 312 downloads
    dichotomy (0.0.2) Dichotomy provides architectural plumbing that allows you to create and manage application compon...
  18. 1,265 downloads
    dickburt (0.0.5) Dickburt finds pugs
  19. 1,694 downloads
    dickens (0.2.1) For now you can gather all your dictionaries together and search through them getting pretty rail...
  20. 5,928 downloads
    dicker (1.0.0) Internal Gem
  21. 331,455 downloads
    dicks (0.03) Prints an arbitrary number of ASCII dicks (default is 5).
  22. 4,530 downloads
    dickstreamer (0.0.3) Streaming dicks server inspired by dicks.rb. Submitted by one of bshagnasty's cohorts. Boliver T...
  23. 25,034 downloads
    dicom (0.9.6) DICOM is a standard widely used throughout the world to store and transfer medical image data. Th...
  24. 34,955 downloads
    dict (0.3.7) Dict to open-source'owy agregator słowników.
  25. 1,179 downloads
    dictation (1.0.4) Practice foreign language by listening and writing (only for Mac OS X).
  26. 1,055 downloads
    dict_client (0.0.2) The Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) is a TCP transaction based query/response protocol that all...
  27. 21,387 downloads
    dictionary (1.0.0) The Dictionary class is a type of ordered Hash, which keeps it's contents in a customizable order.
  28. 998 downloads
    dictionary_map (0.0.1) Quickly searchable string dictionary structure.
  29. 2,664 downloads
    dictionary_order_sort (0.1.2) Sort an array in the same order as `sort --dictionary-sort`
  30. 1,303 downloads
    dictionary-rb (0.1.3) Provides urban-dictionary and dictionary-reference meanings. Equipped with CLI interface and gene...