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  1. 331,538 downloads
    dicks (0.03) Prints an arbitrary number of ASCII dicks (default is 5).
  2. 4,620 downloads
    dickstreamer (0.0.3) Streaming dicks server inspired by dicks.rb. Submitted by one of bshagnasty's cohorts. Boliver T...
  3. 25,662 downloads
    dicom (0.9.6) DICOM is a standard widely used throughout the world to store and transfer medical image data. Th...
  4. 36,082 downloads
    dict (0.3.7) Dict to open-source'owy agregator słowników.
  5. 1,273 downloads
    dictation (1.0.4) Practice foreign language by listening and writing (only for Mac OS X).
  6. 1,117 downloads
    dict_client (0.0.2) The Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) is a TCP transaction based query/response protocol that all...
  7. 21,900 downloads
    dictionary (1.0.0) The Dictionary class is a type of ordered Hash, which keeps it's contents in a customizable order.
  8. 1,032 downloads
    dictionary_map (0.0.1) Quickly searchable string dictionary structure.
  9. 2,758 downloads
    dictionary_order_sort (0.1.2) Sort an array in the same order as `sort --dictionary-sort`
  10. 1,437 downloads
    dictionary-rb (0.1.3) Provides urban-dictionary and dictionary-reference meanings. Equipped with CLI interface and gene...
  11. 3,535 downloads
    dictuby (0.0.9) Command line online dictionary tool written in Ruby
  12. 1,425 downloads
    did (0.2.01) DID is a time tracking system where you tell it what you did, not what you plan to do.
  13. 1,681 downloads
    didactic_clock (0.0.2) A silly sinatra web app to demonstrate how create and publish a gem.
  14. 968 downloads
    didactic_clock_rm (0.0.1) gem description
  15. 1,391 downloads
    did_active_model (0.0.1) Provides Rails model services (such as validations) to non-ActiveRecord descendants.
  16. 1,857 downloads
    did_clock_rm (0.0.2) Write a gem description
  17. 1,445 downloads
    did_craken (0.0.1) Craken is a rails plugin for managing and installing rake-centric crontab files over Capistrano.
  18. 729 downloads
    did_csv_builder (0.1.4.beta2) CSV template Rails plugin
  19. 9,099 downloads
    diddy (0.11.0) Diddy script runner
  20. 449 downloads
    didit (1.0.0) Didit - DI for Ruby
  21. 1,452 downloads
    did_token_generator (0.0.1) Token generator plugin
  22. 1,402 downloads
    did_validates_presence_of (0.0.1) Rails plugin that provides a validates_existence_of method for ActiveRecord models to check exist...
  23. 1,394 downloads
    did_will_sign (0.0.1) Small module for creating time-based hashes based on URLs
  24. 1,397 downloads
    did_workling (0.0.1) Workling gives your Rails App a simple API that you can use to make code run in the background, o...
  25. 3,000 downloads
    did_you_mean (0.7.0) It adds "did you mean?" experience on NoMethodError and NameError because of a typo.
  26. 3,255 downloads
    did-you-mean (0.1.1) Did-you-mean compares the misspelled method name with all other method names and suggests the one...
  27. 3,698 downloads
    die (0.2.1) Kill one or more processes by command name via an interactive script. Die will find processes th...
  28. 3,396 downloads
    dieroll (1.1.0) Dieroll allows for rolling dice described by dice notation
  29. 52,769 downloads
    diesel (0.1.5) Develop your Rails engines like you develop your Rails applications.
  30. 330 downloads
    diesel-api-dsl (0.0.1) Create API Clients From an DSL