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  1. 3,375 downloads
    difects (3.0.1) DIFECTS is an assertion testing library for Ruby that emphasizes a simple assertion vocabulary, i...
  2. 21,144 downloads
    diff (0.3.6) Diff Algorithm Implementation
  3. 1,833 downloads
    diff2xml (0.0.2) Generate xml (xhtml, rss, etc.) from unified diff. This package contains diff2xml command-line to...
  4. 1,825 downloads
    diff4all (0.0.1) diff for all
  5. 497 downloads
    diffable (0.0.1) Facilitates Active::Record object diffing
  6. 243 downloads
    diffable_array (0.0.2) Do a diff style merge of two arrays, respecting the order as much as possible.
  7. 4,129 downloads
    diffall (0.0.4) Checking process is composed of two steps; file size and checksum hash. Not using diff command. U...
  8. 7,299 downloads
    diffbench (0.3.0) Diffbench is gem designed to benchmark the performance patches. It can run specified benchmark fi...
  9. 130 downloads
    diffboot (0.1.0.alpha2) Diffboot Official Ruby SDK Client
  10. 5,458 downloads
    diffbot (0.1.6) Diffbot provides a concise API for analyzing and extracting semantic information from web pages u...
  11. 849 downloads
    diffbot_api (0.1.0) Ruby wraper for the Diffbot API, follows Ruby conventions and idioms.
  12. 439 downloads
    diffbot_client (1.0.0) A simple diffbot client lib
  13. 1,087 downloads
    diffbot_simple (1.0.1) A simple, nothing-fancy, helper for the Diffbot API
  14. 3,613 downloads
    diff_dirs (0.1.2) Ruby helper to diff two directories
  15. 3,462 downloads
    diff-display (0.0.1) Diff::Display::Unified renders unified diffs into various forms. The output is based on a callbac...
  16. 7,460 downloads
    diffed (0.0.16) This is a library for creating HTML from a unified diff string, built specifically for the diff s...
  17. 1,794 downloads
    diffeq (0.0.1) Integrated DiffEQ solving system
  18. 107,941 downloads
    differ (0.1.2) A simple gem for generating string diffs
  19. 2,326 downloads
    difference (1.0.2) This is a simple gem to compare 2 objects of the same class and return a hash of differences
  20. 92 downloads
    difference_update_seed (0.0.1) Difference updating for db:seed
  21. 477 downloads
    differz (0.0.1) Compare two yaml-files and show the missing keys.
  22. 1,302 downloads
    diff_from_delta (0.0.2) A conversion of the python version to ruby from
  23. 1,389 downloads
    diffgist (0.0.7) Gist your diffs.
  24. 979 downloads
    diffhub (0.0.1) Uploads the output of "git diff" comand to a gist
  25. 676 downloads
    diffident (0.1.0) diffident: To show modest reserve, a gem to create and manipulate text diffs. This gem provides a...
  26. 24,606 downloads
    difflcs (0.6.9) A resonably fast diff algoritm using longest common substrings that can also detect text that has...
  27. 21,828,401 downloads
    diff-lcs (1.2.5) Diff::LCS computes the difference between two Enumerable sequences using the McIlroy-Hunt longest...
  28. 23,732 downloads
    diff_matcher (2.6.0) DiffMatcher matches input data (eg. from a JSON API) against values, ranges, classes, regexes, pr...
  29. 3,366 downloads
    diff_match_patch (0.1.0) Ruby implementation of Google diff_match_patch
  30. 3,167 downloads
    diff_match_patch_native (1.0.2) The Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust algorithms to perform the operations required for...