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  1. 7,636 downloads
    digestif (1.0.5) Digestif lets you create fast checksums of large files by skipping sections of the file....
  2. 2,721 downloads
    digestifier (0.1.0) A Rails engine that lets you define and customise digest emails
  3. 7,119 downloads
    digestion (1.2.1) Adds asset digest configuration options to Rails so that specific paths can be excluded from fing...
  4. 652 downloads
    digestive (0.0.1) Simple digest auth with roles
  5. 2,039 downloads
    digest-m4p (0.0.2) iTunes specific digest encoding
  6. 2,989 downloads
    digest-murmurhash (1.1.0) digest-murmurhash is class collections of use algorithm MurmurHash desiged by Austin Appleby.
  7. 3,197 downloads
    digest_notifier (0.0.8) pending
  8. 1,383 downloads
    digest_perfect (0.0.1) Among other things, this is the hash used to create requests to google's pagerank tool. Most of t...
  9. 1,939 downloads
    digestr (0.0.2) DigestR is a fast rules-based XML processor (similar to the Jakarta Commons Digester) for Ruby, ...
  10. 4,355 downloads
    digest-sha3 (1.0.2) The SHA-3 (Keccak) hash.
  11. 336 downloads
    digest-simple (1.1.0) Digest::Simple is a class that minimun implementation for non block message digest.
  12. 730 downloads
    digest-siphash (1.0.1) Digest::SipHash is a class of message digest use algorithm SipHash.
  13. 1,312 downloads
    digest-stringbuffer (0.0.3) Digest::StringBuffer is a class that subset of Digest::Instance.
  14. 3,835 downloads
    digest-tiger (1.0.2) This is a Digest module implementing the Tiger hashing algorithm. The size of a Tiger hash value ...
  15. 2,124 downloads
    digest-trip (0.5.1) password digest for 2channel aka trip
  16. 4,359 downloads
    digest-whirlpool (1.0.2) This is a Digest module implementing the Whirlpool hashing algorithm. The size of a Whirlpool has...
  17. 152 downloads
    diggit (1.0.1) The Diggit repository analysis tool is a neat swiss knife to enable the analysis of many Git repo...
  18. 5,291 downloads
    diggr (0.1.2) Diggr is a ruby wrapper for the Digg API. Diggr strives to remain consistent with the Digg API e...
  19. 3,997 downloads
    digidoc_client (0.2.1) An easy way to interact with Estonian DigiDoc services.
  20. 565 downloads
    digi_moji (0.0.3) 5x7 digital color words on your terminal.
  21. 571 downloads
    digital_bible_platform (0.0.2) A Ruby client for
  22. 3,903 downloads
    digitalfilmtree (0.0.12) Assorted libraries for DigitalFilm Tree post workflow
  23. 609 downloads
    digitalfilmtree-util (0.0.1) Contains common utilities and vendored binaries used in libraries related to DigitalFilm Tree's p...
  24. 1,746 downloads
    digitalnz (0.1.1) A small gem to interface with the DigitalNZ API
  25. 10,430 downloads
    digitalocean (1.2.0) Ruby bindings for the Digital Ocean API.
  26. 22,655 downloads
    digital_ocean (1.5.0) A Ruby gem to interact with DigitalOcean, a cloud hosting provider
  27. 733 downloads
    digital-ocean (0.0.1) A wrapper for Digital Ocean's API.
  28. 3,790 downloads
    digital_opera (0.0.14) Tools and utilities for helping out in developing Ruby applications
  29. 3,488 downloads
    digitalpardoe-rflickr (1.1.4) rFlickr is a clone of the original RubyForge based rflickr, a Ruby implementation of the Flickr A...
  30. 874 downloads
    digital_trees_and_sets (0.4.0) Fast and simple. A tree is an int to object , a set an int to bit mapping. Highly scalable, very ...