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  1. 3,171 downloads
    dirclass (0.0.2) A gem that extends the Dir class with a list method
  2. 1,717 downloads
    dirdiff (0.0.2) description of gem
  3. 2,641 downloads
    dir_dsl (1.0.5) Library for working with files and directories in DSL-way
  4. 19,013 downloads
    direct_address (0.1.1) Direct Address provides a rails app with simple address features. This is a streamlined implement...
  5. 18,061 downloads
    directed-edge (0.3.2) Bindings for the Directed Edge webservices API
  6. 9,061 downloads
    direct_employers (0.0.6) Ruby Wrapper for the Direct Employers API
  7. 479 downloads
    direction (0.0.3) Forward messages to collaborators in East-oriented style.
  8. 948 downloads
    directions (0.0.1) A gem to easily request directions from
  9. 8,534 downloads
    directlytos3 (0.2.0) A rails helper to create an S3 upload form
  10. 1,040 downloads
    director (0.0.1) Scheduler
  11. 6,755 downloads
    directories_interface (0.0.7) Searches for a person over ETV SOAP service and returns an array of phone and fax numbers and ema...
  12. 129 downloads
    directorio_agencias_pr (1.0.0.pre) Scrapes Puerto Rico's Agency Directory
  13. 1,365 downloads
    directory (0.0.1) An abstraction layer to help deal with directory in applications.
  14. 360 downloads
    DirectoryBuilder (0.0.1) dsl for building a diretory
  15. 11,603 downloads
    directory_listing (0.5.1) A Sinatra extension for generating easy, CSS-styled, Apache-like directory listings.
  16. 2,708 downloads
    directory_template (1.0.1) DirectoryTemplate is a library which lets you generate directory structures and files from a temp...
  17. 966 downloads
    directory-traversal (0.0.0) Provides a few simple methods to make traversing directories a bit easier and more powerful
  18. 567,527 downloads
    directory_watcher (1.5.1) The directory watcher operates by scanning a directory at some interval and generating a list of ...
  19. 263 downloads
    directree (0.0.1) directree is convenient DSL for creating directory tree and text files with content
  20. 4,691 downloads
    direct_ssh (0.1.4) In order to use SSH or SCP without the need to enter password every time, this gem will create pu...
  21. 4,292 downloads
    directwave (0.0.9) A simple way to direct upload big files to Amazon S3 storage from Ruby applications and process i...
  22. 3,008 downloads
    dir_friend (0.1.2) `DirFriend` is a tool for generating a DOT file which represent file directories.
  23. 10,018 downloads
    dirge (0.0.5) Relative require, relative autoload and __DIR__
  24. 11,684 downloads
    dirigible (1.1.1) An Urban Airship v3 API wrapper written in Ruby
  25. 1,735 downloads
    dirk (0.1.0) Makes your file system act as a database
  26. 1,400 downloads
    dirmangle (0.0.2) dirmangle is a tool for copying, moving, or creating symlinks to sets of files using regular expr...
  27. 1,588 downloads
    dirndl (0.0.1) Use Latte and DNS::Zonefile to serve text based zonefiles via DNS. This is a toy project, I don't...
  28. 2,475 downloads
    dir_processor (0.0.4) dsl to define processor for directories/files structure
  29. 4,288 downloads
    dir_size_renamer (0.0.4) This console utility lets you rename subdirectories within a specified directory, so that subdire...
  30. 3,323 downloads
    dirs-ruby2lolz (0.1.2) Ruby to Lolcode translator, kthnxbai.