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  1. 282 downloads
    dirty_url (0.0.1) By 'default', Rails has a difficult time figuring out when it is supposed to show relative URLs i...
  2. 116,343 downloads
    di-ruby-lvm (0.1.3) This is a fork of the ruby-lvm gem found at git:// The primary differe...
  3. 123,362 downloads
    di-ruby-lvm-attrib (0.0.13) A list of attributes for LVM objects
  4. 20,841 downloads
    dir_validator (0.14.6) This gem provides a convenient syntax for checking whether the contents of a directory structure ...
  5. 403 downloads
    dirwait (0.0.1) Listens to filesystem event notifications until a specified directory is created and then exits.
  6. 387 downloads
    dirwalk (0.0.1) Dir::walk, like python os.walk
  7. 988 downloads
    disable_asset_logging (1.0.0) Disables asset logging in the development log
  8. 8,437 downloads
    disable_assets_logger (1.0.0) Disable assets logger in development, so asset requests don't show in your terminal
  9. 824 downloads
    disable_connection_pooling (0.1.0) Disable the connection pooling of Rails
  10. 1,364 downloads
    disabled (0.1.1) This is a placeholder for "ruby --gem=disabled". You should not install this gem. You ca...
  11. 1,103 downloads
    disable_rails_json (0.0.0) Disables ActiveSupport's json encoding
  12. 2,589 downloads
    disabler_middleware (0.0.2) disable developers and apis with a key/val lookup
  13. 254 downloads
    disable_section (0.0.6) UI helper that disables an entire section with its inner html elements based on a given condition
  14. 1,186 downloads
    disable_test_fixtures (0.2.0) Unit tests should be fast, active records (unless testing a complicated non data dependent busine...
  15. 1,944 downloads
    disasm (0.0.4) x86 disassembler
  16. 7,940 downloads
    disbatch (0.0.10) Disbatch is a distributed, multi-language batch processing platform. This package provides bo...
  17. 780 downloads
    discerner (2.0.1) Discerner is an engine for Rails that provides basic search UI, search reqults export UI and allo...
  18. 1,323 downloads
    discid (1.0.0) ruby-discid provides Ruby bindings for the MusicBrainz DiscID library libdiscid. It allows calcul...
  19. 2,743 downloads
    discipline (0.9.3) Discipline is a tool to help you stop procrastinating by blocking distracting online content like...
  20. 5,929 downloads
    disclaimer (0.1.1) Redirects users to a disclaimer document until the user accepts the disclaimer.
  21. 5,455 downloads
    disclosure (0.0.8) A Rails engine to allow you to easily set up rules and events for when each user should receive n...
  22. 1,602 downloads
    disco (0.2.2) Adds a simple Markdown helper to your Rails views.
  23. 7,824 downloads
    discoball (0.2.3) A simple stream filter to highlight patterns
  24. 3,766 downloads
    discodactyl (0.5.0) Discodactyl is an experimental toolkit for XRD service discovery documents and related protocols....
  25. 5,304 downloads
    discogs (1.1.1) API Wrapper for
  26. 7,972 downloads
    discogs-wrapper (2.0.0) Discogs::Wrapper is a full wrapper for the API V2. Supports authentication...
  27. 1,057 downloads
    discombobulator (0.1.2) Discombobulate for the greater good!
  28. 1,626 downloads
    disco-railties (0.5.2) Rails Disco internals: rake tasks, generators and the commandline interface
  29. 4,081 downloads
    discotech (0.0.4) Disco time!
  30. 2,501 downloads
    discotheque (0.0.2) Adds functionality to your application for node discovery using Amazon EC2