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  1. 4,569 downloads
    directwave (0.0.9) A simple way to direct upload big files to Amazon S3 storage from Ruby applications and process i...
  2. 3,329 downloads
    dir_friend (0.1.2) `DirFriend` is a tool for generating a DOT file which represent file directories.
  3. 10,285 downloads
    dirge (0.0.5) Relative require, relative autoload and __DIR__
  4. 12,587 downloads
    dirigible (1.1.3) An Urban Airship v3 API wrapper written in Ruby
  5. 1,788 downloads
    dirk (0.1.0) Makes your file system act as a database
  6. 1,493 downloads
    dirmangle (0.0.2) dirmangle is a tool for copying, moving, or creating symlinks to sets of files using regular expr...
  7. 1,649 downloads
    dirndl (0.0.1) Use Latte and DNS::Zonefile to serve text based zonefiles via DNS. This is a toy project, I don't...
  8. 2,662 downloads
    dir_processor (0.0.4) dsl to define processor for directories/files structure
  9. 4,479 downloads
    dir_size_renamer (0.0.4) This console utility lets you rename subdirectories within a specified directory, so that subdire...
  10. 3,415 downloads
    dirs-ruby2lolz (0.1.2) Ruby to Lolcode translator, kthnxbai.
  11. 3,597 downloads
    dir_sync (0.1.2) Multidirectional directory synchronisation for any number of directories
  12. 653 downloads
    dirt (0.0.1) DIRT
  13. 5,423 downloads
    DirTagger (2.0.6) A gem saving some frequent used paths and keeping them at hand, both in a very ease and comportab...
  14. 20,534 downloads
    dir-to-xml (0.3.3) dir-to-xml saves a directory listing in a Dynarex XML format
  15. 2,197 downloads
    dirtravel (0.0.5) DirTravel provides content of filesystem directories by recursively travelling the directory hier...
  16. 12,684 downloads
    dirty (0.0.7) Easily run dirty cucumber features and rspec specs in your current project i...
  17. 1,339 downloads
    dirty_after_save (0.0.1) Track changes even after saving an ActiveRecord model
  18. 2,239 downloads
    dirty_associations (0.4.4) Provides a concern for monitoring changes to has_many and has_many_and_belongs_to associations us...
  19. 2,448 downloads
    dirty_callbacks (0.1.0) TODO
  20. 1,328 downloads
    dirtydan (1.0) A simple module for automation of object dirtiness tracking.
  21. 1,756 downloads
    dirtyflash (0.0.1) Dirtyflash is a Rails plugin that allows you to easily add complex behavior, such as links and i1...
  22. 8,811 downloads
    dirty_hashy (0.2.1) Dirty tracking within hashes (with or without indifferent access) or objects as it is expected to...
  23. 34,542 downloads
    dirty_history (0.7.3) Dirty History is a simple gem that allows you to keep track of changes to specific fields in your...
  24. 86,855 downloads
    dirty-memoize (0.0.4) Like Memoize, but designed for mutable and parametizable objects Use when: 1. You have one expe...
  25. 324 downloads
    dirty_url (0.0.1) By 'default', Rails has a difficult time figuring out when it is supposed to show relative URLs i...
  26. 135,581 downloads
    di-ruby-lvm (0.1.3) This is a fork of the ruby-lvm gem found at git:// The primary differe...
  27. 143,147 downloads
    di-ruby-lvm-attrib (0.0.15) A list of attributes for LVM objects
  28. 21,607 downloads
    dir_validator (0.14.6) This gem provides a convenient syntax for checking whether the contents of a directory structure ...
  29. 440 downloads
    dirwait (0.0.1) Listens to filesystem event notifications until a specified directory is created and then exits.
  30. 420 downloads
    dirwalk (0.0.1) Dir::walk, like python os.walk