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  1. 3,553 downloads
    do_openedge (0.10.14-java) Implements the DataObjects API for OpenEdge
  2. 56,746 downloads
    do_oracle (0.10.14) Implements the DataObjects API for Oracle
  3. 6,009 downloads
    door_code (0.0.8) Rack middleware which requires that visitors to the site enter a 3-6 digit PIN code to gain access.
  4. 163,719 downloads
    doorkeeper (1.1.0) Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails.
  5. 560 downloads
    doorkeeper-logout_redirect (0.0.1) Logout before redirecting to authorized applications
  6. 1,580 downloads
    doorman (1.0.0) Super simple (aka stupid) white/black list manager
  7. 865 downloads
    doorway (0.0.1) Sane set of utility methods to provision remote servers over SSH and SCP.
  8. 17,663 downloads
    doozer (0.4.4) This GEM provides a small, barebones framework for creating MVC Rack applications.
  9. 111 downloads
    dopamine (0.0.2) Rest client for Dopamine API, a behavioral reward platform
  10. 2,297 downloads
    dope (0.0.3) A way to export Welo resources on Derailleur
  11. 5,713 downloads
    dopis_online_client (1.0.1) Klientská knihovna pro práci se službou Dopis Online České pošty
  12. 221,939 downloads
    do_postgres (0.10.14) Implements the DataObjects API for PostgreSQL
  13. 1,597 downloads
    doppelganger (0.8.0) Doppelganger helps you to find areas of your code that are good places to refactor. It does this...
  14. 3,076 downloads
    dopplr (0.2.0) A Ruby library for talking to the Dopplr API
  15. 121 downloads
    dorb (0.0.1.pre) Interact with the Digital Ocean API in an idiomatic ruby way.
  16. 807 downloads
    do_riak (0.10.1.pre) This is a data objects adapter for Riak. It's builded on top of the generic rrriak adapter.
  17. 1,130 downloads
    dork (0.0.1) Instead of installing DOT everywhere and eating memory and CPU on those machines, make DOT availa...
  18. 1,461 downloads
    dormouse (0.0.1.a2) Build CMS's in a snap using just models.
  19. 3,310 downloads
    dorothy2 (1.2.0) A malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby.
  20. 553 downloads
    dorsal (1.0) Dorsal : Druby Objects's Ring Server as an simple Alternative to Linda
  21. 2,097 downloads
    dor-services (4.6.5) Contains classes to register objects and initialize workflows
  22. 1,779 downloads
    dor-workflow-service (1.6.2) Enables Ruby manipulation of the DOR Workflow Service via its REST API
  23. 479 downloads
    dosh (0.0.1) Dev Ops Scripting
  24. 1,103,219 downloads
    do_sqlite3 (0.10.14) Implements the DataObjects API for Sqlite3
  25. 14,075 downloads
    do_sqlserver (0.10.14-java) Implements the DataObjects API for Microsoft SQL Server
  26. 252 downloads
    do_sqlserver-tinytds (0.10.17.alpha) Implements the DataObjects API for Microsoft SQL Server using TinyTDS
  27. 10,093 downloads
    dossier (2.10.0) Easy SQL based report generation with the ability to accept request parameters and render multipl...
  28. 1,872 downloads
    dossier-segmenter (0.12.0) Adds control breaks to dossier reports by defined segments based on query results.
  29. 868 downloads
    dostuff (0.0.1) Do stuff will do stuff - because it is that awesome.
  30. 10,779 downloads
    do_stuff (0.4.0) A minimalistic command-line todo list