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  1. 1,674 downloads
    dm-hibernate-migrations (1.0.0) DataMapper plugin for writing and speccing migrations
  2. 2,194 downloads
    dm-hstore (0.0.3) Provides a new HStore property type.
  3. 582 downloads
    dmichael-set-notation-helper (0.5.1) A library providing set notation support for ActiveRecord models
  4. 3,426 downloads
    dm-imap-adapter (0.0.2) DataMapper IMAP adapter
  5. 1,749 downloads
    dm_is_a_tree (0.2.0) A plugin for DataMapper that allows model objects to be a part of a heirarchal tree structure. B...
  6. 4,604 downloads
    dm-is-audited (0.1.2) Plugin for DataMapper to allow for simple auditing of models. This plugin does not implement audi...
  7. 5,706 downloads
    dm-is-authenticatable (0.3.0) A DataMapper plugin for adding authentication and encrypted passwords to your DataMapper models.
  8. 9,633 downloads
    dm-is-awesome_set (1.0.1) A library that lets any datamapper model act like a nested set
  9. 1,365 downloads
    dm-is-checksumed (0.1.0) A DataMapper plugin which adds checksum properties to a Model, referencing other properties.
  10. 2,961 downloads
    dm-is-counter_cacheable (0.1.1) A DataMapper plugin for adding counter-cache properties to related models.
  11. 6,888 downloads
    dm-is-friendly (1.1.15) DataMapper plugin that adds self-referential friendship functionality to your models.
  12. 2,645 downloads
    dm-is-indexed (0.1.1) dm-is-indexed overloads the Model[] method, and allows querying Resources using their indexed pro...
  13. 45,794 downloads
    dm-is-list (1.2.0) DataMapper plugin for creating and organizing lists
  14. 3,537 downloads
    dm-is-localizable (1.0.0) Datamapper support for localization of content in multilanguage applications
  15. 36,805 downloads
    dm-is-nested_set (1.2.0) DataMapper plugin allowing the creation of nested sets from data models
  16. 1,700 downloads
    dm-is-pageable (0.1.0) Adds pagination support to DataMapper models (compatible with will_paginate)
  17. 1,827 downloads
    dm-is-page-by-page (0.0.2) A simple pagination plugin for DataMapper
  18. 2,668 downloads
    dm-is-paginated (0.0.1) A simple pagination plugin for DataMapper
  19. 16,008 downloads
    dm-is-persistent_state_machine (0.1.8) A persistent State Machine for DataMapper
  20. 7,676 downloads
    dm-is-predefined (0.4.0) A DataMapper plugin for adding predefined resources to Models.
  21. 10,361 downloads
    dm-is-published (1.2.0) A DataMapper plugin that provides an easy way to add different states to your models.
  22. 8,562 downloads
    dm-is-read_only (0.3.0) A DataMapper plugin for making models absolutely read-only.
  23. 9,067 downloads
    dm-is-reflective (1.3.1) DataMapper plugin that helps you manipulate an existing database. It creates mappings between exi...
  24. 34,354 downloads
    dm-is-remixable (1.2.0) dm-is-remixable allow you to create reusable data functionality
  25. 1,737 downloads
    dm-is-revisioned (0.1.0) DataMapper plugin enabling more flexible versioning of models
  26. 1,826 downloads
    dm-is-schemaless (0.10.2) A plugin that allows you to easily treat an rdbms like a schemaless store, perfect for something ...
  27. 38,662 downloads
    dm-is-searchable (1.2.0) A DataMapper plugin for searching
  28. 7,103 downloads
    dm-is-select (1.2.0) A DataMapper plugin that makes getting the <tt>select</tt> options from a Model easier.
  29. 796 downloads
    dm-is-self_referential (1.0.0.rc1) Declaratively specify self referential m:m relationships in datamapper models
  30. 1,789 downloads
    dm-is-serialized (0.9.10) This plugin helps you to serialize your records into very short strings for storing in cookies.