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  1. 54 downloads
    doc2json (1.0.0.pre.alpha.1) Generate JSON based Ruby documentations with yard
  2. 138 downloads
    doc2text (0.1) Parses odt to markdown
  3. 1,237 downloads
    doc5 (0.0.1) good site
  4. 6,328 downloads
    docapi (0.4.0) RDoc template for generating API documentation.
  5. 606 downloads
    docbert (0.1.0) See
  6. 7,811 downloads
    docbook_files (1.0.0) docbook_files lists and checks all files related to a DocBook writing project.
  7. 7,955 downloads
    docbook_status (1.0.1) A utility for DocBook authors/publishers showing the document structure (sections) and word count...
  8. 3,950 downloads
    docbook_xsl_wrapper (0.1.2) DocBook XSL Wrapper let's you easily convert DocBook XML to EPUB using the official DocBook XSL s...
  9. 419 downloads
    doc_converter (0.1.1) This library allows you to convert documents into another with the format you desire
  10. 1,525 downloads
    doccy-api (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper around Doccy API for creating, sending and sharing documents. This api can be used i...
  11. 762 downloads
    docdata (0.1.5) A ruby binder for the Docdata Payment API.
  12. 2,696 downloads
    docdiff (0.5.0) DocDiff compares two text files and shows the difference. It can compare fil...
  13. 495 downloads
    docdown (0.0.1) docdown turns docs to runable code
  14. 2,207 downloads
    docent (0.0.3) Docent is a mountable Rails engine to provide your app's users with links to proper support docum...
  15. 3,605 downloads
    docface (0.0.7) A markdown documentation generator/viewer. View your markdown files as a structured website.
  16. 329 downloads
    doc_frac (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper library for DocFrac document converter
  17. 5,392 downloads
    docfu (0.0.8) Utility to simplify creating documentation/books/ebooks/html/etc. Based highly upon the ProGit se...
  18. 310 downloads
    doc_generation_wrapper (0.0.2) Wrapper for DocRaptor or Local PrinceXML generation of document, purpose is help to develop quickly
  19. 10,380 downloads
    docgenerator (2.1.0) The docgenerator-package allows the definition of documents and export to LaTeX, HTML, Creole (a ...
  20. 7,532 downloads
    docheck (1.1.1) Domain name availability checker.
  21. 10,428 downloads
    docify (1.0.7) Docify provides a command line tool to render documentation files (RDoc, Markdown, Textile) into ...
  22. 2,081,324 downloads
    docile (1.1.5) Docile turns any Ruby object into a DSL. Especially useful with the Builder pattern.
  23. 603 downloads
    doc_image_extract (0.0.2) Extracts all images from a given Word document.
  24. 8,116 downloads
    docjs (0.2.1) Create beautiful Javascript documentations with this ruby-gem. It's pretty easy to customize and ...
  25. 4,732 downloads
    doc_juan (1.2.1) A small helper class to generate urls to a Doc-Juan instance
  26. 3,650 downloads
    dock0 (0.0.18) Generates a read-only Arch host for running Docker containers
  27. 6,919 downloads
    dock_driver (0.3.5) Provides a simple executable to drive a dzen2 (or similar) dock with a single YAML config file. ...
  28. 2,372 downloads
    docker (0.0.1) Docker wrapper to manage based lxc containers
  29. 341 downloads
    docker_alias (0.0.3) 도커 명령어에서 자주 사용하는 옵션을 포함하고 환경변수등도 포함해서 붙여넣기 하면 사용할 수 있도록 한다. docker-api 사용하는것들보다는 직접 명령어를 통해서 도커를 ...
  30. 96,895 downloads
    docker-api (1.13.2) A simple REST client for the Docker Remote API