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  1. 328 downloads
    dozenscli (0.0.1) This package provides a command line interface to Dozens REST API.
  2. 7,437 downloads
    dozuki (0.4.0) A simple way of extracting various elements from an Nokogiri document using XPaths
  3. 5,972 downloads
    dozuki-mapper (0.1.2) A DSL for mapping API output to objects
  4. 3,463 downloads
    dp (1.0.1) A simpler way to do debug and trace prints
  5. 403 downloads
    dpass (0.0.1.alpha02) Derive application specific passwords from secret master password using PBKDF2 in OpenSSL
  6. 219 downloads
    dpd_shipping (1.0.0) A simple way to access the dpd/iloxx shipping API
  7. 237 downloads
    dp-env (0.0.2) Provides a #env method to including scopes based on ENV
  8. 494 downloads
    dpkg-deb (0.1.0) A ruby wrapper for dpbk-deb that allows reading of control information from .deb packages
  9. 1,537 downloads
    dpkginv (0.1.3) Read Debian/Ubuntu package inventory, emit as JSON
  10. 4,968 downloads
    dpkg-tools (0.3.5) dpkg-tools provides a set of tools for automating and managing the building of OS packages (curr...
  11. 192,487 downloads
    dpl (1.6.5) deploy tool abstraction for clients
  12. 2,479 downloads
    DPLibrary (0.0.5) Ruby API wrapper for the Digital Public Library of America API
  13. 252 downloads
    dpll_solver (0.0.1) This is a small SAT solving tool for either DIMACS file input (max. 20 variables, 80 lines) or bo...
  14. 8,054 downloads
    dploy (0.0.9) deploymoent module for chef and aws
  15. 3,177 downloads
    dployr (0.0.11) Multicloud management and deployment made simple from a single configuration file with a featured...
  16. 450 downloads
    dpl_sample_gem (0.0.4) Don't use this in your app
  17. 5,470 downloads
    dp_publico (0.0.5) Webservice da base DP
  18. 634 downloads
    dp_stm_map (0.0.2) distributed and persistent software transaction memory map
  19. 909 downloads
    dp_test_gem (0.0.1) a tool to help me understand gem creation
  20. 2,686 downloads
    dq-readability (1.0.6) Extracts main content of the webpage. Presents in good readable format. This gem is actively used...
  21. 5,302 downloads
    dr (0.2.4) dr works with distribution-level packaging tools and helps you make and...
  22. 5,505 downloads
    drab (0.0.6) Twitter Client on Terminal with Twitter Streaming API. Facebook Post
  23. 82 downloads
    dracoon (1.0.0.beta1) Dracoon is a language and compiler to write interactive fiction books.
  24. 307 downloads
    dradis (3.0.0.beta) Dradis is an open source framework to enable effective information sharing, specially during secu...
  25. 1,512 downloads
    draft (0.0.0) Instead of forcing a methodology, structure, and tons of naming conventions, Draft quick...
  26. 953 downloads
    drafteable (0.0.1) Drafteable is a super simple and opinionated ActiveRecord model draft behavior encapsulation
  27. 11,854 downloads
    drafter (0.3.2) A
  28. 868 downloads
    draft-manager (0.0.1) This gem provide interface of drafts. It could be using for saving unvalid records in temp table
  29. 4,956 downloads
    drafts (0.0.7) This gem provide interface of drafts. It could be using for saving unvalid records in temp table
  30. 1,058 downloads
    draftsman (0.3.0) Create draft versions of your ActiveRecord models' data. Works with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.