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  1. 5,130 downloads
    docpdftotext (0.0.3) wrappers for libraries to convert documents into text
  2. 1,498 downloads
    docpeeker (0.0.4) Accepts a string and searches Ruby-docs for methods matching that string. It will open tabs in yo...
  3. 5,912 downloads
    docrails_kindle (0.0.5) Read Rails Guides on your Kindle
  4. 67,141 downloads
    doc_raptor (0.3.2) Provides a simple ruby wrapper around the DocRaptor API
  5. 143 downloads
    doc_repo (0.0.1) Doc Repo: Load in app documentation via an external Github repo
  6. 233 downloads
    doc_ripper (0.0.4) Provides a lean, convenient ruby wrapper to poppler, and antiword command line tools to quickly r...
  7. 8,126 downloads
    docs (0.0.8) Documentation generator with support for including code examples and compiling them at compile time
  8. 4,805 downloads
    docscape (0.0.4) convert inkscape (SVG) files to pdf documents
  9. 1,188 downloads
    docsearch_api (0.0.1) Client library for accessing the imedo doctor search database
  10. 753 downloads
    doc_smoosher (0.1.0) A simple API documentation generator for the complicated world we live in
  11. 94,569 downloads
    docsplit (0.7.5) Docsplit is a command-line utility and Ruby library for splitting apart documents into th...
  12. 5,984 downloads
    docsplit_images (0.2.1) Split Images for your document in one line of code
  13. 5,602 downloads
    docsplit-paperclip-processor (0.2.2) This gem is simple Paperclip processor which uses Docsplit to convert uploaded files to pdf, or e...
  14. 1,583 downloads
    docstat (1.0.4) Coverage statistics for Cocoa documentation sets
  15. 2,426 downloads
    docster (0.0.2) Generates searchable documentation for your ruby project
  16. 4,718 downloads
    docster-rails (0.0.7) By adding simple markup to your controllers or routes.rb you can specify your api doc.
  17. 6,490 downloads
    doc_storage (1.0.2) DocStorage is a simple Ruby library for manipulating documents containing text and metadata. Thes...
  18. 1,243 downloads
    docstrings (0.1.0) docstrings is a gem that adds the ability to use Python-like docstrings
  19. 934 downloads
    doct (0.1.3) Provides an ability to pre-populate an office document through a simple templating mechanism that...
  20. 776 downloads
    doctag (0.0.3) DocTag Ruby library
  21. 2,455 downloads
    doctag_json_schema (1.0.2) This is the formal description of the docTag document exchange format. With docTag we(see Support...
  22. 1,353 downloads
    doc_template (0.0.1) Provides an ability to pre-populate an office document through a simple templating mechan...
  23. 8,224 downloads
    docter (1.1.3) We has docs
  24. 1,751 downloads
    doctest (0.0.1) description of gem
  25. 658 downloads
    doctest-core (0.0.2) Extract doctests from ruby files
  26. 1,153 downloads
    doctest-rspec (0.0.3) Use doctests in your rspec suite
  27. 413 downloads
    docthis (0.0.2) Rails engine which takes your markdown documentation stored in your application repository and ex...
  28. 1,042 downloads
    doc-thumbnailer (0.0.0) Generate thumbnails for document files
  29. 8,827 downloads
    doc_to_dash (0.0.9) Converts documentation to a Dash Docset
  30. 1,164 downloads
    doctopdf (0.1.0) Jruby gem to convert microsoft office documents to pdf. Useful to render office documents in brow...