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  1. 3,782 downloads
    docu (0.0.3) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 24,983 downloads
    docubot (1.2.0) DocuBot creates HTML or CHM documentation from a hierarchy of files, supporting markups like Mark...
  3. 4,732 downloads
    doculab (0.2.0) A Rails Engine for a simple file-based CMS, suitable for a documentation site. Originally create...
  4. 14,630 downloads
    documatic (0.2.3) Documatic is an OpenDocument extension for Ruby Reports (Ruport). It is a template-driven formatt...
  5. 6,853 downloads
    document (1.0.1) Document - Simple document class
  6. 7,921 downloads
    documentalist (0.1.4) The smooth document management experience, usable as a Rails gem plugin or standalone in any ruby...
  7. 348 downloads
    documentally (0.0.1) Simple TF-IDF document search library.
  8. 1,357 downloads
    documentation (1.0.6) It does cool stuff!
  9. 195 downloads
    documentation-elasticsearch (1.0.0) Adds support for Elasticsearch to the Documentation gem
  10. 4,248 downloads
    documentator (0.1.2) documentator provides templates of documentations and command-line utilities to add them to a p...
  11. 1,402 downloads
    documentcloud (0.2.2) Rubygem for interacting with the DocumentCloud API
  12. 172 downloads
    documentcloud-calais (0.0.7) A Ruby interface to the Calais Web Service
  13. 2,020 downloads
    documentcloud-cloud-crowd (0.2.3) The crowd, suddenly there where there was nothing before, is a mysterious and universal phenomeno...
  14. 8,284 downloads
    documenter (0.0.5) This gem uses OpenOffice and pdftk to convert, split, join, fill and copy files. It may be useful...
  15. 11,954 downloads
    document_file (0.0.8) Document file is an object mapper for plain text documents. The documents look like the ones us...
  16. 5,246 downloads
    document_form (0.9.1) Form Builder for Rails3 and MongoID
  17. 2,115 downloads
    document_generator (0.0.6) Generate documentation from a git repository.
  18. 8,346 downloads
    document_hash (0.0.14) Implements a multi-level nested document, that notifies about changes, and some other related fea...
  19. 2,578 downloads
    document_hydrator (0.1.1) DocumentHydrator takes a document, represented as a Ruby Hash, and efficiently updates it so that...
  20. 1,232 downloads
    documentify (0.1.1) Documentify takes input from a file or stdin and wraps it in a proper HTML document
  21. 15,483 downloads
    documentinator (2.3.0) A light-weight web app for serving up a folder of markdown files
  22. 10,914 downloads
    document_mapper (0.1.8) DocumentMapper is an object mapper for plain text documents. The documents look like the ones u...
  23. 4,363 downloads
    document_number (0.9.6) Document Number lets you automacally assign number sequences for your rails model
  24. 652 downloads
    documentos_br (1.0.2) Uma 'wrapper' para as Gems 'CpfUtils', 'CnpjUtils' e 'TituloEleitorUtils'.
  25. 1,575 downloads
    document_record (0.0.14) Uses an Active Record as a schema-less document
  26. 557 downloads
    document-store (1.0.0) This wrapper provides a minimalistic interfaced to document-based databases. It includes a in-mem...
  27. 1,604 downloads
    document_tree (1.0.0) Transforms a file system in a tree with content and meta data.
  28. 348 downloads
    documentum (0.0.1) Command line utility for generating PDF documents from markdown with custom stylesheets and haml ...
  29. 9,948 downloads
    docurium (0.4.0) A simpler, prettier Doxygen replacement.
  30. 1,407 downloads
    docushin (0.0.2) Builds documentation based on your Ruby on Rails application routes.