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  1. 1,593 downloads
    drc_client (0.1.0) Rails client for DeRoseConnect
  2. 3,242 downloads
    dr_dre (0.1.1) A gem that logs a list of callers to redirect_to and render in a Rails app, and catches DoubleRen...
  3. 791 downloads
    dreadlocks (0.0.1) Place holder
  4. 7,997 downloads
    dreamback (0.0.9) The easiest, cheapest way to back up your dreamhost accounts
  5. 1,683 downloads
    dreamcatch (0.0.1) A simple way to add and remove git repos on dreamhost webdav
  6. 1,409 downloads
    dreamcatcher (0.0.2) Catch exceptions and send email notifications with context.
  7. 2,998 downloads
    dream_cheeky (0.3.1) Ruby Interface to Dream Cheeky(TM) USB Devices
  8. 202 downloads
    dream-cheeky-led (0.0.1.pre) Control the Dream Cheeky LED Message Board with ASCII art.
  9. 6,216 downloads
    dream_gens (0.6.3) Dream Generators provides rapid rails development with testing!
  10. 341 downloads
    dreamhost-personal-backup (0.1.0) Provides functionality to perform personal backups (on Linux or OSX) to a Dreamhost personal back...
  11. 1,657 downloads
    dream_template (0.4.4) Rapid rails development template (haml, sass, compass, rspec, remarkable, factorygirl, and more!)
  12. 578 downloads
    dreamwords-oauth2 (0.8.1) A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OAuth gem.
  13. 5,003 downloads
    dreamy (0.5.3) A Ruby library and command line tool for accessing DreamHost's API
  14. 1,283 downloads
    drebs (0.1.0) drebs: Disaster Recovery for Elastic Block Store. An AWS EBS backup script.
  15. 1,170 downloads
    dredd (0.0.4) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  16. 5,622 downloads
    drei_schichten_modell (0.0.6) dieses rubygem berechnet den perfekten altersvorsorge mix aus allen drei schichten. und gibt anga...
  17. 3,381 downloads
    drep (0.3.4) DRep is a simple data collector and report generator. It can collect data through a specific data...
  18. 3,233 downloads
    dress (0.0.2) Inspired by the horror of XSLT
  19. 30,467 downloads
    dress_code (1.0.2) Dress Code extracts comment blocks from your stylesheets and creates a styleguide using your CSS.
  20. 2,790 downloads
    dresser (0.0.3) Simple gem that changes paths for views and assets
  21. 455 downloads
    dressing (0.0.1) A Capybara driver for Sauce Labs
  22. 4,789 downloads
    dressmaker (0.0.3) Application templating in ruby. Define beautiful patterns and cut them out.
  23. 1,392 downloads
    dress_up (1.0.1) Dress Up allows you to specify named sets of method overrides that you can selectively enable and...
  24. 1,080 downloads
    drewda_delayed_job (3.0.3) Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer tasks in t...
  25. 1,059 downloads
    drewda_delayed_job_active_record (0.3.2) ActiveRecord backend for DelayedJob, originally authored by Tobias Luetke
  26. 4,663 downloads
    drewda-railroad (0.5.3) A DOT diagram generator for Ruby on Rail applications
  27. 1,171 downloads
    drewda_rails_admin (0.0.1) RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
  28. 840 downloads
    drews_studio_game (1.0.0) Readme
  29. 3,609 downloads
    drexed-datetime (0.0.10) Helpers for human readable datetime attributes
  30. 721 downloads
    drexed-errors (0.0.2) Helpers for form errors