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  1. 1,649 downloads
    dsturnbull-database_cleaner (0.2.4) Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.
  2. 1,525 downloads
    dsturnbull-mini_magick (1.2.6) Manipulate images with minimal use of memory.
  3. 1,039 downloads
    dsx-dml (0.0.3) Provides tools to ease working with the DSX Access Systems DML command syntax, an archaic and obn...
  4. 1,761 downloads
    dtachr (0.1.1) `dtachr` wraps the [dtach]( command line utlity to automate the crea...
  5. 2,430 downloads
    dtas (0.7.0) Free Software command-line tools for audio playback, mastering, and whatever else related to audi...
  6. 3,160 downloads
    dtask (002) DTask provides easy way to deploy web application.
  7. 455 downloads
    dtas-linux (1.0.0) gives small performance improvements for dtas users via tee(), splice() and eventfd() on Linux
  8. 441 downloads
    dtas-mpris (0.0.0) this allows controlling dtas-player via MPRIS or MPRIS 2.0 This is currently a dummy package as d...
  9. 9,914 downloads
    dtaus (0.2.1) Beim Datenträgeraustausch (DTA) werden Zahlungsverkehrsdaten - also Überweisungen und Lastschrift...
  10. 15,070 downloads
    DTAUS (0.2.2) Build DTAUS-Files. DTAUS is a data medium exchange file for Banks in Germany. It can be used for...
  11. 1,156 downloads
    dtcrandom0 (0.1.0) print a random dtc quote in your terminal
  12. 8,584 downloads
    dtefacil_xml_builder (0.0.11) Facilita la construcción y manipulacion de xml necesarios para DTE Fácil 1.2
  13. 5,181 downloads
    dtest (0.0.5) DTest is a testing tool to describe integrating test for distributed systems.
  14. 17,362 downloads
    dtf (0.4.1) DTF is a modular testing framework skeleton. This is the control gem containing the db schema(s) ...
  15. 802 downloads
    dtf-rvm (0.0.1) DTF gem integrating RVM into DTF
  16. 1,522 downloads
    dtf-session (0.0.2) dtf-session adds Bash session support to DTF
  17. 10,326 downloads
    dti_nitf (0.2.5) Helps you processes the 'XML' (Quotes intentional) from DTI's XML export into valid NITF document...
  18. 681 downloads
    dtk-client (0.5.12) Dtk client is CLI tool used for communication with Reactor8.
  19. 102 downloads
    dtk-common (0.5.11) Dtk common is needed to use dtk-client gem, provides common libraries for running DTK CLI.
  20. 682 downloads
    dtk-common-core (0.5.11) Dtk common repo is core common librabry of dtk, and mostly hold libraries used for http communica...
  21. 204 downloads
    dtk-node-agent (0.5.12) DTK node agent is tool used to install and configure DTK agents.
  22. 863 downloads
    dtm (0.0.2) A ruby wrapper for Microsoft DTM (Driver Test Manager) console application wttcl.exe
  23. 6,977 downloads
    dtr (1.1.0) DTR is a distributed test runner to run tests on distributed computers for decreasing build time.
  24. 3,039 downloads
    DTR (0.0.2) DTR is a distributed test runner to run tests on distributed computers for decreasing build time.
  25. 683 downloads
    dt-rake (0.0.3) Rake helper methods for dt deploy gem
  26. 498 downloads
    dtvcontroller (1.0.1) Allows control of DirecTV Set Top Boxes whoms Whole-Home -> External Device settings are set to A...
  27. 337 downloads
    dtv_tournaments (0.0.4) This gem fetches the portal and gives all availa...
  28. 3,976 downloads
    duality (0.0.5) a simple cache interface to setting and getting from two caches
  29. 14,707 downloads
    dub (1.0.0) This is a tool to ease the creation of scripting language bindings for a C++ library. It is c...
  30. 5,999 downloads
    dubai (0.0.6) Passbook pass generation and preview.