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  1. 2,758 downloads
    edi4r ( edi4r turns Ruby into a powerful EDI mapping language: - create or process UN/EDIFACT interchange...
  2. 7,112 downloads
    edi4r-tdid (0.8.1) The edi4r gem turns Ruby into a powerful EDI mapping language. This add-on gem provides ...
  3. 1,586 downloads
    edifact_parser (0.9.1) EdifactParser is a simple parser that parses the EDIFACT structure into a Ruy structure so that y...
  4. 36,711 downloads
    edifice (1.3.0) Edifice makes your Rails life easier. It's designed to simplify CSS & JS integration in your Rail...
  5. 4,201 downloads
    edifice-forms (0.5.1) Edifice-widgets is a companion gem to edifice which improves and simplifies your experience writi...
  6. 1,973 downloads
    edifice-widgets (0.1.1) Edifice-widgets is a companion gem to edifice which allows simple unobtrusive javascript behaviou...
  7. 333 downloads
    edinet_code (0.0.1) Get the edinet code list from EDINET
  8. 630 downloads
    edi_parser (0.0.1) Library simple and easy to use to parse EDI ocurrence files in the COTIN/SETCESP standards
  9. 1,289 downloads
    edis_client (0.0.3) Provides easy access to the USITC's EDIS data web service (contains international trade investiga...
  10. 2,052 downloads
    edison (0.0.3) A static (website) generator.
  11. 2,909 downloads
    edit (0.1.1) Open a file in your edit with line number. It provides the command 'edit'.
  12. 1,855 downloads
    editable_areas (0.0.3) Renders text or an editor anywhere in your rails 4 application
  13. 3,073 downloads
    editable_content (0.5.0) Creates a new class, Editable_Content, which manages content which can be saved in a database and...
  14. 4,923 downloads
    editable-image (0.25) Simplified interface to web-based image editors.
  15. 4,486 downloads
    editables (0.1.2) Easy wysiwyg editing of website content and images
  16. 175 downloads
    editable_table_rails (0.0.1) Rails asset pipeline for tiny editable jQuery Bootstrap spreadsheet
  17. 3,338 downloads
    editalign (1.1.1) This module performs edit alignments between arrays. It returns alignments and edit distances.
  18. 4,126 downloads
    editarea-rails (2.1.0) Editarea Gem
  19. 1,001 downloads
    editeur (0.0.1) described
  20. 9,824 downloads
    edit_mode (1.0.0) The edit mode is activated by pressing an 'edit' button on a show view. This shows additional edi...
  21. 4,412 downloads
    editor (0.0.8) wyswyg and code editor for active admin
  22. 977 downloads
    editor_base (0.0.1) Base components for Pixie Editors
  23. 20,414 downloads
    editorial_logic (1.4.5) An engine for enabling managed content, including articles, blogs, FAQs and glossaries.
  24. 3,315 downloads
    editorkicker (0.2.0) EditorKicker is a pretty tool to invoke your favorite editor and open errored file automatically ...
  25. 118 downloads
    editors (0.0.1) Library for opening text editors and getting their content as a string. Useful for command line s...
  26. 6,111 downloads
    editserver (0.1.6) Simple local server for editing text in your favorite editor.
  27. 789 downloads
    edit_server (0.0.1) This is a Sinatra app that integrates Google Chrome with GVim via the Edit with Emacs extension.
  28. 251 downloads
    editstore (2.0.1) The editstore gem is a Rails engine, including all models and migrations needed to connect to the...
  29. 9,448 downloads
    editx (0.2.2) A convient mapping between ruby objects and the various EDItX XML specifications
  30. 359 downloads
    edk-wizardly ( Create wizards from any model in three steps