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  1. 1,369 downloads
    edouard-is_taggable (0.1.3) tagging that doesn't want to be on steroids. it's skinny and happy to stay that way.
  2. 3,277 downloads
    edouard-metric_fu (1.2.1) Code metrics from Flog, Flay, RCov, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi and Rails' stats task and Rails B...
  3. 1,684 downloads
    edouard-mini_magick (1.2.6) Mini replacement for RMagick, with support for GraphicsMagick
  4. 4,567 downloads
    edouard-rchardet ( Character encoding auto-detection in Ruby. This library is a port of the auto-detection code in M...
  5. 838 downloads
    edouard-version_fu (1.0.2) version_fu helps version your ActiveRecord models. It is based on Rick Olson's acts_as_versioned ...
  6. 1,170 downloads
    edouard-ya2yaml (0.30.1) Ya2YAML is "yet another to_yaml". It emits YAML document with complete UTF8 support (string/binar...
  7. 5,622 downloads
    edploy (2.0.5) A gem which allows for fast, easy and efficient deploys with capistrano
  8. 4,802 downloads
    edr (0.0.6) Entity Data-object Repository framework
  9. 1,452 downloads
    eds-alpha (0.0.2) Set of Ruby functions to interface with the EBSCO Discovery Service API.
  10. 1,943 downloads
    edsinclair-git-pair (0.4.0) A git porcelain for pair programming. Changes git-config's and settings so y...
  11. 1,281 downloads
    eds-mom (0.0.1) I've heard you can mix Ed's Mom in. Hot.
  12. 13,372 downloads
    edtf (2.1.0) A Ruby implementation of the Extended Date/Time Format (EDTF).
  13. 1,811 downloads
    edtf-rails (0.3.0) An ActiveRecord extension to deal with Extended DateTime Format attributes
  14. 1,750 downloads
    educandus_api (0.0.2) Library allow connect to lms EDUCANDUS.
  15. 901 downloads
    educator (0.0.1) our first hello world gem
  16. 1,489 downloads
    edugem (0.0.1) For now this offers nothing; it aims to help you focus on innovating education, not fiddling with...
  17. 658 downloads
    edumacator (0.1.0) “Educates” quotes and replaces some other typographic characters like em-dashes (—) and ellipses ...
  18. 1,522 downloads
    edurails (0.0.1) For now, it's just latin.
  19. 5,644 downloads
    edurange (0.1.0) EDURange Project
  20. 505 downloads
    edward-bio (0.0.1) This gem provides a command line tool that outputs a short version of Edward Ocampo-Gooding’s bio...
  21. 1,654 downloads
    edwardsa-acts-as-taggable-on (1.0.12) With ActsAsTaggableOn, you could tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, interest...
  22. 582 downloads
    ee_cummings (0.1.0) E. E. Cummings manages your ENV variables and gives you clear warnings when they are misconfigured.
  23. 4,819 downloads
    eedb (0.2.0) Migrates your EE DB to and from a server with rollback capabilities and find and replace to chang...
  24. 756 downloads
    eee (0.9.1) EEE (Easy Event Exchange) is an open client-server protocol for exchange of calendar data.
  25. 24,882 downloads
    eeepub (0.8.1) EeePub is a Ruby ePub generator.
  26. 516 downloads
    eeepub3 (0.0.1) EeePub is a Ruby ePub generator.
  27. 4,066 downloads
    eeepub-with-cover-support (0.8.8) EeePub is a Ruby ePub generator.
  28. 1,284 downloads
    eefgilm (1.1.0) Eefgilm is a gem that is written to help keep your gemfile in order. It will alphabetize your gem...
  29. 26,451 downloads
    eel (1.0.3) It is more like Squeel but without Squ
  30. 46,452 downloads
    eeml (0.0.42) Simple little library for programmatically manipulating EEML documents, in particular this librar...