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  1. 443 downloads
    emnm (0.0.2) convert number to github emoji number
  2. 1,153 downloads
    em-nodes (0.2.3) Simple EM client server, and some stuffs
  3. 915 downloads
    em-nordnet (0.0.1) REST API and Socket Wrapper for Nordnet using Eventmachine
  4. 6,179 downloads
    emogilefs (0.2.1) MogileFS client patch for async requests to backend (not read or write data)
  5. 65,059 downloads
    emoji (1.0.1) A Ruby gem. For emoji. For everyone. :heart:
  6. 3,165 downloads
    emoji4rails (0.0.2)
  7. 2,162 downloads
    emoji_data (0.1.0) Provides classes and helpers for dealing with emoji character data as unicode. Wraps a library o...
  8. 1,409 downloads
    emojidex (0.0.11) emojidex emoji handling, search and lookup, listing and caching functionality and user info (favo...
  9. 377 downloads
    emojidex-converter (0.0.3) Adds the convert method to Emojidex::Collection and Emojidex::Emoji, which\ a...
  10. 1,301 downloads
    emojidex-desktop (0.0.3) Desktop client and tools for emojidex
  11. 143 downloads
    emojidex-rasters (0.0.2) Rasterized [PNG] assets for emojidex. These assets can be used as a gem and combined with emojide...
  12. 269 downloads
    emojidex-vectors (0.0.2) Vectorized [SVG] assets for emojidex. These assets can be used as a gem and combined with emojide...
  13. 309 downloads
    emoji-extractor (1.0.2) extracts high-resolution emoji pngs from ttf
  14. 179 downloads
    emojifi_rb (0.0.3) Procrastination level: I have a script that turns things into emojis! ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ธ"
  15. 788 downloads
    emoji_for_jekyll (0.1.0) A plugin for Jekyll that seamlessly enable emoji.
  16. 2,950 downloads
    emojify (0.0.7) Use emoji in your content. Pass it a string and it will return the string with emoji images.
  17. 399 downloads
    emoji-js (0.2.0) Emojify your website like GitHub and Campfire! :thumbsup:
  18. 3,286 downloads
    emojimmy (0.2.2) Emojimmy makes it possible to store emoji characters in ActiveRecord datastores that donโ€™t suppor...
  19. 4,872 downloads
    emoji-rspec (1.0.1) Custom formatters for RSpec tests.
  20. 770 downloads
    emojis (0.0.1) A Ruby gem for Emoji!
  21. 2,111 downloads
    emoji-test-love (1.0.1) Make your test runs happier with emoji love. We don't mind if you use minitest or rspec. Love is ...
  22. 415 downloads
    emojivert (0.0.1) Translate emoji from one encoding to another.
  23. 928 downloads
    emonti-buby ( Buby is a mashup of JRuby with the popular commercial web security testing tool Burp Suite from P...
  24. 195 downloads
    emonti-dnet-ffi (0.1.3) Ruby FFI bindings for the libdnet raw network library
  25. 307 downloads
    emonti-ffi_dry (0.1.2) Provides a some useful modules, classes, and methods as well as a DSL-like syntax for FFI::Struct...
  26. 209 downloads
    emonti-hexwrench (0.2.1) A wxwidgets-based hex editor written in ruby
  27. 111 downloads
    emonti-jdi_hook (1.0.0) JdiHook is a ruby-scriptable Java debugger based on and around Sun's Java Debugging Interface (J...
  28. 1,018 downloads
    emonti-rbkb ( Rbkb is a collection of ruby-based pen-testing and reversing tools. Inspired by Matasano Blackbag.
  29. 419 downloads
    emonti-wxirb (1.0.3) A wxwidgets-based IRB-like ruby console
  30. 3,398 downloads
    emory (0.1.4) The Emory gem listens to file modifications and runs an action against it (for example, upload to...