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  1. 829 downloads
    emojis (0.0.1) A Ruby gem for Emoji!
  2. 2,188 downloads
    emoji-test-love (1.0.1) Make your test runs happier with emoji love. We don't mind if you use minitest or rspec. Love is ...
  3. 476 downloads
    emojivert (0.0.1) Translate emoji from one encoding to another.
  4. 1,588 downloads
    emonti-buby ( Buby is a mashup of JRuby with the popular commercial web security testing tool Burp Suite from P...
  5. 350 downloads
    emonti-dnet-ffi (0.1.3) Ruby FFI bindings for the libdnet raw network library
  6. 534 downloads
    emonti-ffi_dry (0.1.2) Provides a some useful modules, classes, and methods as well as a DSL-like syntax for FFI::Struct...
  7. 365 downloads
    emonti-hexwrench (0.2.1) A wxwidgets-based hex editor written in ruby
  8. 192 downloads
    emonti-jdi_hook (1.0.0) JdiHook is a ruby-scriptable Java debugger based on and around Sun's Java Debugging Interface (J...
  9. 1,740 downloads
    emonti-rbkb ( Rbkb is a collection of ruby-based pen-testing and reversing tools. Inspired by Matasano Blackbag.
  10. 715 downloads
    emonti-wxirb (1.0.3) A wxwidgets-based IRB-like ruby console
  11. 3,679 downloads
    emory (0.1.4) The Emory gem listens to file modifications and runs an action against it (for example, upload to...
  12. 1,080 downloads
    emot (0.0.3) Yet another emoji handler.
  13. 1,324 downloads
    emote (0.0.0) Emoticons. Substitution. Science, it works.
  14. 2,473 downloads
    emoticon_fontify (1.0.2) Add emoticon font to assets and convert text to unicode symbols.
  15. 4,537 downloads
    emoticons_helper (0.2.3) Gives face to your text.
  16. 764 downloads
    emotidragon (1.0.0) A simple gem to collect an array of, get sentiment about a string based on, determine if a string...
  17. 504 downloads
    emotion (0.0.1) Add some emotion to your code. Use English.
  18. 7,323 downloads
    emotions (0.2.2) Emotions is a Ruby library that allows ActiveRecord records to express (and hopefully store) emot...
  19. 1,718 downloads
    emp (1.0.0) A number of extensions that Evan Phoenix uses.
  20. 12,445 downloads
    Empact-activerecord-import (0.4.3) Extraction of the ActiveRecord::Base#import functionality from ar-extensions for Rails 3 and beyond
  21. 1,704 downloads
    Empact-ar-extensions (0.9.2) Extends ActiveRecord functionality by adding better finder/query support, as well as supporting m...
  22. 5,750 downloads
    Empact-authlogic (3.1.0) A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
  23. 12,515 downloads
    Empact-authlogic_rpx (2.0.0) Authlogic extension/plugin that provides RPX ( authentication support
  24. 181 downloads
    Empact-campaign_monitor (0.1.1) A simple wrapper class that provides basic access to the Campaign Monitor API
  25. 186 downloads
    Empact-deprec (1.99.21) This project provides libraries of Capistrano tasks and extensions to remove the repetative manu...
  26. 176 downloads
    Empact-ec2onrails (0.9.9) Capistrano-based tool for easily deploying a Ruby on Rails app to Amazon EC2
  27. 6,044 downloads
    Empact-hierclust (0.3.0) performs hierarchical clustering on points in Euclidian space
  28. 368 downloads
    Empact-hominid (1.2.0) Hominid is a Rails GemPlugin for interacting with the Mailchimp API
  29. 191 downloads
    Empact-money (2.3.6) This library aids one in handling money and different currencies.
  30. 5,419 downloads
    Empact-mongo_session_store (1.1.5) Rails session store class implemented for MongoMapper and Mongoid