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  1. 3,250 downloads
    engineyard-migrate (1.1.0) Want to migrate your Ruby on Rails application from Heroku (or similar) up to Engine Yard AppClou...
  2. 13,794 downloads
    engineyard-recipes (0.5.0) Tools to generate, upload, test and apply chef recipes for Engine Yard Cloud.
  3. 259,887 downloads
    engineyard-serverside (2.3.9) A gem that deploys ruby applications on EY Cloud instances
  4. 199,623 downloads
    engineyard-serverside-adapter (2.2.2) A separate adapter for speaking the CLI language of the engineyard-serverside gem.
  5. 25,346 downloads
    engineyard-theme (2.4.3) View helpers 'header' and 'footer', along with an assets generator to make any site look like htt...
  6. 10,172 downloads
    engineyard-visualvm (0.5.4) This provides a Java agent and command-line utility to enable JMX in any Java process such th...
  7. 566 downloads
    enginizer (0.0.1) Command line tool for building modular rails applications.
  8. 1,026 downloads
    englify (0.1.0) Turn moonruned artist names into Romanized alternatives.
  9. 22,169 downloads
    english (0.6.3) English is an general purpose English language processing library. It includes a number of useful...
  10. 1,854 downloads
    english_county_select (0.1.2) Rails select helper for English Counties
  11. 4,693 downloads
    englishext (0.1.2) EnglishExtensions contains a few convenience methods for String.
  12. 1,089 downloads
    english_key (0.1.0) RFC1751 for Ruby. A Convention for Human-Readable 128-bit Keys
  13. 223 downloads
    english_nepali_date_converter (0.0.1) "Conversion of Gregorian calendar to Nepali Calendar"
  14. 3,617 downloads
    engorge-ostruct (0.2) Extends OpenStruct to add some useful methods
  15. 3,099 downloads
    engrade (1.2.3) Basic ruby wrapper for the Engrade API
  16. 4,129 downloads
    engrave (1.0.0) Yet another Ruby blog engine.
  17. 3,948 downloads
    engrel (0.10.2) Allows for natural grammar to specify object relationships based on parts of speech.
  18. 13,913 downloads
    engtagger (0.1.2) A Ruby port of Perl Lingua::EN::Tagger, a probability based, corpus-trained tagger that assigns P...
  19. 11,967 downloads
    enhance (0.1.0) Middleware to "enhance" and resize images on the fly.
  20. 2,221 downloads
    enhanced_date_select (1.0.4) "Enhances ActionView with a customizable date select form helper where any valid HTML attribute c...
  21. 507 downloads
    enhanced_hooks (0.5) enhanced before/after filter hooks
  22. 9,100 downloads
    enhanced_marc (0.2.3) A set of enhancements to ruby-marc to make parsing MARC data easier
  23. 3,004 downloads
    enhanced_migrations (1.2.1) Timestamp based migration support
  24. 2,168 downloads
    enhanced_request_forgery_protection (0.9.1) Add scopes and time windows to Rails's CSRF protection. Redirect to referrer with a flash message...
  25. 1,580 downloads
    enhancerepo (0.4.1) enhancerepo adds additional metadata to repommd repositories and servers as the testbed for the s...
  26. 2,127 downloads
    enigma (0.0.5) Key/secret authentication gem for your web services
  27. 419 downloads
    enigma_io (0.0.2) Ruby client for the Enigma API
  28. 35,982 downloads
    enigmamachine (0.6.5) A RESTful video encoder which you can use as either a front-end to ffmpeg or headless on a server.
  29. 1,855 downloads
    enigma_machine (0.0.2) Enigma machine simulator
  30. 311 downloads
    enimo_client (1.1.0) Write a longer description. Optional.