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  1. 4,290 downloads
    engine-tune (0.5.2) Determine how well your engine will run under certain meteorological and geological conditions.
  2. 32,910 downloads
    enginex (0.8.1) Creates a Rails 3 engine with Rakefile, Gemfile and running tests
  3. 268,546 downloads
    engineyard (2.3.3) This gem allows you to deploy your rails application to the Engine Yard cloud directly from the c...
  4. 434 downloads
    engineyard-api (0.0.1) Ruby Wrapper for Egnine Yard API
  5. 73,489 downloads
    engineyard-cloud-client (2.1.0) This gem connects to the EY Cloud API
  6. 4,455 downloads
    engineyard-dns (1.1.0) Easily configure your DNS with Engine Yard AppCloud via Fog.
  7. 5,460 downloads
    engineyard-dnsimple (0.3.0) Easily configure your DNS with Engine Yard AppCloud via DNSimple.
  8. 9,599 downloads
    engineyard-hudson (0.3.2) Run your continuous integration (CI) tests against your Engine Yard AppCloud environments - the e...
  9. 3,445 downloads
    engineyard-jenkins (0.5.1) Run your continuous integration (CI) tests against your Engine Yard AppCloud environments - the e...
  10. 3,531 downloads
    engineyard-local (1.0.2) Engine Yard Local allows you to develop and test locally on your own computer using a virtual mac...
  11. 24,682 downloads
    engineyard-metadata (0.2.5) Pulls metadata from EC2 and EngineYard so that your EngineYard AppCloud (Amazon EC2) instances kn...
  12. 3,290 downloads
    engineyard-migrate (1.1.0) Want to migrate your Ruby on Rails application from Heroku (or similar) up to Engine Yard AppClou...
  13. 13,947 downloads
    engineyard-recipes (0.5.0) Tools to generate, upload, test and apply chef recipes for Engine Yard Cloud.
  14. 262,151 downloads
    engineyard-serverside (2.3.9) A gem that deploys ruby applications on EY Cloud instances
  15. 201,698 downloads
    engineyard-serverside-adapter (2.2.2) A separate adapter for speaking the CLI language of the engineyard-serverside gem.
  16. 25,659 downloads
    engineyard-theme (2.4.3) View helpers 'header' and 'footer', along with an assets generator to make any site look like htt...
  17. 10,274 downloads
    engineyard-visualvm (0.5.4) This provides a Java agent and command-line utility to enable JMX in any Java process such th...
  18. 578 downloads
    enginizer (0.0.1) Command line tool for building modular rails applications.
  19. 1,041 downloads
    englify (0.1.0) Turn moonruned artist names into Romanized alternatives.
  20. 22,288 downloads
    english (0.6.3) English is an general purpose English language processing library. It includes a number of useful...
  21. 1,893 downloads
    english_county_select (0.1.2) Rails select helper for English Counties
  22. 4,729 downloads
    englishext (0.1.2) EnglishExtensions contains a few convenience methods for String.
  23. 1,103 downloads
    english_key (0.1.0) RFC1751 for Ruby. A Convention for Human-Readable 128-bit Keys
  24. 239 downloads
    english_nepali_date_converter (0.0.1) "Conversion of Gregorian calendar to Nepali Calendar"
  25. 3,642 downloads
    engorge-ostruct (0.2) Extends OpenStruct to add some useful methods
  26. 3,198 downloads
    engrade (1.2.3) Basic ruby wrapper for the Engrade API
  27. 4,190 downloads
    engrave (1.0.0) Yet another Ruby blog engine.
  28. 3,986 downloads
    engrel (0.10.2) Allows for natural grammar to specify object relationships based on parts of speech.
  29. 14,220 downloads
    engtagger (0.2.0) A Ruby port of Perl Lingua::EN::Tagger, a probability based, corpus-trained tagger that assigns P...
  30. 12,114 downloads
    enhance (0.1.0) Middleware to "enhance" and resize images on the fly.