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  1. 1,135 downloads
    encase (0.1.2) Encase is a library for using dependency injection within ruby applications. It provides a lightw...
  2. 20,690 downloads
    encbs ( Simple backup system for pushing into cloud
  3. 831 downloads
    encc (0.0.1) Encrypt/decrypt a file
  4. 438 downloads
    enceladus (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper for the The Movie Database API for all endpoints of v3
  5. 9,483 downloads
    enchant (0.99.0) Enchant is tool aimed to discover web application directory and pages by fuzzing the requests usi...
  6. 1,021 downloads
    enchilada (0.0.1) use case driven development should be easy!
  7. 4,655 downloads
    enco (0.1.3) Enco can convert any string to utf-8, based on it original encoding. Converting string to utf-8 ...
  8. 7,348 downloads
    encoda (0.1.4) It's a simple file encoding converter
  9. 1,534 downloads
    encodable_validator (0.2.0) A string validator for ActiveModel to verify it can be converted to the specified encodings.
  10. 6,802 downloads
    encoded_attachment (0.1.7) Adds methods to ActiveRecord::Base and ActiveResource::Base to transmit file attachments via REST...
  11. 3,054 downloads
    encoded_polyline (0.0.2) Encode an array of coordinates for the Google Static Maps and MapQuest APIs.
  12. 3,368 downloads
    encoder (0.0.2) Simplify turning abbreviations into descriptions and vice versa.
  13. 3,917 downloads
    encoder-rb (0.0.5) Ruby Client Library for
  14. 1,705 downloads
    encoder-tools (0.0.2) Tools for ripping, encoding, and subtitling movies and TV shows
  15. 522 downloads
    encode_valid_url (0.0.1) It generates unique string with mixture of strings and numerics
  16. 5,695 downloads
    encode_with_alphabet (0.0.4) Allows you to encode any integers with any alphabet
  17. 5,772 downloads
    encoding_checker (0.0.4) This gem will helps you identify lines and characters of the text which are invalid for particula...
  18. 6,346 downloads
    encoding-codepage (0.5) Provides aliases for Encodings that have Code Page Identifiers to make it easier to interface wit...
  19. 3,547 downloads
    encodingdotcom (0.2.1) a library for integrating with
  20. 5,478 downloads
    encoding-dot-com (0.0.3) A ruby wrapper for the API
  21. 3,211 downloads
    encoding-kawai (0.4) EncodingKawai - little sintax sugar for ruby force_encoding, also working on 1.8.7.
  22. 1,756 downloads
    encoding_middleware (0.2.0) Fixes problem with post data being set to ASCII-8BIT when really is UTF-8
  23. 1,275 downloads
    encodingof (0.0.1) A Ruby command line utility for discovering file encoding
  24. 1,437 downloads
    encoding_sampler (0.3.1) EncodingSampler helps solve the problem of what to do when the character encoding is unknown, for...
  25. 494 downloads
    encog-lib-jars (3.1-java) A grem that just holds the encog java core lib jar. This jar comes from
  26. 3,683 downloads
    enconverter (0.0.3) Encoding Converter, rack middleware used to convert to encoding
  27. 2,054 downloads
    encore (0.2.2) Encore provides serializers and persisters to build JSON API-compliant Web services with Ruby on ...
  28. 6,400 downloads
    encosion (0.3.2) Ruby library for working with the Brightcove API
  29. 2,909 downloads
    encrypt (0.1.0) Encrypt and decrypt strings with AES-256. Just supply the password.
  30. 228 downloads
    encrypt_attributes (0.0.1) This gem provides a dead-simple encryption of string / text attributes of ActiveRecord and Mongoi...