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  1. 2,721 downloads
    entable (0.0.5) Generate HTML tables which popular spreadsheet software packages know how to read
  2. 8,718 downloads
    entasis (2.0.0) Entasis provides a few useful methods for building a basic class. Handy for models without a data...
  3. 828 downloads
    enterprice (0.2.4) This gem provides utilities and methods I use when inspecting time series on remote machines.
  4. 1,701 downloads
    enterprise (1.0.0) Wish you could write your Ruby in XML? Has the fact that Ruby is not "enterprise" got ...
  5. 421 downloads
    enterprise_mti (0.0.1) Enterprise MTI is gem that adds multiple table inheritance to Active Record models backed...
  6. 8,720 downloads
    enterprise-ohai (0.1.7) Ohai plugins for enterprise.
  7. 1,215 downloads
    enterprise-scripts (0.1.0) Various scripts used on an enterprise VM.
  8. 1,715 downloads
    enterprise_time_extensions (1.0) Enterprisey extensions to Ruby's Time class allowing you to quickly discover whether a time is a ...
  9. 3,229 downloads
    enterprisifier (0.0.2) ENTERPRISE
  10. 2,851 downloads
    entifier (0.3.1) Entifier gem to extract named entities
  11. 11,036 downloads
    entitled (0.1.6) Manages my page titles, title tag, and breadcrumbs
  12. 3,347 downloads
    entitlement (1.1.0) Simple page titles in Rails 3.
  13. 1,484 downloads
    entity (0.0.2) A useful struct class
  14. 2,344 downloads
    entityextractor (0.0.10) Extracts entities and terms from any JSON.
  15. 9,535 downloads
    entityjs (0.4.4) HTML5 Javascript game engine, quickly create robust, flexible and reusable games.
  16. 1,552 downloads
    entity_logger (0.0.2) Entity logger
  17. 2,186 downloads
    entitymap (0.0.2) Mapping entities and relations atomically in memory during the processing of a business transacti...
  18. 1,395 downloads
    entity_responder (1.0.1) A Rails responder that returns an entity in the response body rather than the :no_content header.
  19. 1,715 downloads
    entity_status (0.1.1) A simple work in progress gem for adding status string to activerecord models. Creates scopes...
  20. 7,448 downloads
    entity_storage (2.1.3) An easy to use Key/Value store for any Ruby on Rails project. Like Memcache, only persistent. Sto...
  21. 3,097 downloads
    entity-storage (1.0.6) An easy to use Key/Value store for any Ruby on Rails project. Like Memcache, only persistent. Sto...
  22. 17,841 downloads
    entity_store (0.3.7) Event sourced entity store with a replaceable body
  23. 1,142 downloads
    entp-ruby-openid (2.2) A library for consuming and serving OpenID identities. Forked from the unmaintained JanRain version.
  24. 215 downloads
    entrance (0.0.1) Doesn't fiddle with your controllers and routes.
  25. 244 downloads
    entrepot (0.0.1) a helper class do do a chached processing
  26. 19,058 downloads
    entrez ( Simple API for HTTP requests to Entrez E-utilities
  27. 319 downloads
    entropia (0.0.0) Creates random strings with different base alphabets and converts to and from. Convert random se...
  28. 1,181 downloads
    entropi-bootstrap-rails (0.1.0) This gem provides Boostrap CSS and a JQuery plugin interation for your Rails 3 application.
  29. 3,409 downloads
    entropy (0.1.0) This little gem calculates the entropy and ( the cardinality) of a finite probability space, defi...
  30. 22,662 downloads
    entypo-rails (2.2.1) Rails asset pipeline plugin and CSS mappings for the Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce http://www...