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  1. 7,845 downloads
    enzyme (0.1.4) Enzyme is a tool developed by Katalyst to make collaborating on projects easier.
  2. 1,421 downloads
    eoat (0.1.2) Eve Online API toolbox
  3. 378 downloads
    eoflife (0.1.0.pre) Programmatic access to the Encylopedia of Life's API
  4. 1,679 downloads
    eolclub_scraper (0.1.0) Scrape currently scheduled event from for
  5. 1,563 downloads
    eol_rackbox (1.1.7) Merb-like BlackBox testing for Rack apps, including Rails; requires two rare dependencies: remi-r...
  6. 3,261 downloads
    eol_scenarios (0.3.4) Based on openrain-scenarios, q.v. Depends on hard-to-find gems at the moment: remi-indifferent-v...
  7. 3,603 downloads
    eon (0.0.8) Lightweight implementations of presenter, exhibit, form object and helper tools.
  8. 667 downloads
    eon-elements (0.0.1) Asset libraries for web and scaffold templates in modern style (uses "simple_form", "haml", "...
  9. 523 downloads
    eops (0.0.1) A collection of tools that are used in the Elastic Operations Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
  10. 1,560 downloads
    eor (0.1.0) Proc#eor allows you to specify any number of Procs, and get the result of the first successful Proc
  11. 3,231 downloads
    eostrom-zvent (0.0.6) Interface for the zvents API without all the mess.
  12. 49,627 downloads
    eotb (0.5.18) Rails plugin which allow you easily track and observe your apps
  13. 1,238 downloads
    epa (0.0.1) Currently only supports PCS and RADSInfo databases
  14. 1,266 downloads
    EPA_envirofacts (0.0.1) Currently only supports PCS and RADSInfo databases
  15. 10,451 downloads
    epall-limelight (0.5.7-java) Limelight: A dynamic rich client framework and application platform.
  16. 4,721 downloads
    epas (0.3.2) To be run in a cron script or a daemon. Autosigns ec2 instances based on hostname and instance_id...
  17. 13,860 downloads
    epath (0.4.0) a Path manipulation library
  18. 2,422 downloads
    epa_uv_index (0.0.3) Ruby client library for accessing the U.S. EPA's UV Index API (
  19. 3,204 downloads
    epay (0.0.6) Ruby client for ePay API. Supports manipulating transactions and subscriptions.
  20. 674 downloads
    epaybg (0.1.2) Framework for dealing with payments.
  21. 4,195 downloads
    epc (1.0.6) Manage, deploy and create Enterprise PaaS applications using the Agility Release Manager system a...
  22. 745 downloads
    epdiff (1.0.2) diff command for EPUB files.
  23. 1,341 downloads
    epf-rails (1.1.0) Epf is a robust and stable framework for syncing client state with a persistent backend s...
  24. 3,018 downloads
    epf-source (0.1.4) Epf source code wrapper for ruby libs.
  25. 659 downloads
    epguides (0.0.1) Query the website for TV show information.
  26. 4,647 downloads
    ephemeral (2.3.3) Ephemeral lets you define one-to-many relationships between in-memory objects, with ORM-like supp...
  27. 28,620 downloads
    ephemeral_response (0.4.0) Save HTTP responses to give your tests a hint of reality. Responses are saved into your ...
  28. 3,059 downloads
    epiabstractions ( EPiAbstractions provides facades for many of the classes in EPiServers products which enable its ...
  29. 6,347 downloads
    epic (0.0.4) Epic validator, wraps validation for HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  30. 171 downloads
    epi_cas (1.2.6) dds devise to your app and installs (if it's not there already). Provides a generator to create a...