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  1. 2,312 downloads
    entitymap (0.0.2) Mapping entities and relations atomically in memory during the processing of a business transacti...
  2. 1,538 downloads
    entity_responder (1.0.1) A Rails responder that returns an entity in the response body rather than the :no_content header.
  3. 1,974 downloads
    entity_status (0.1.1) A simple work in progress gem for adding status string to activerecord models. Creates scopes...
  4. 8,002 downloads
    entity_storage (2.1.4) An easy to use Key/Value store for any Ruby on Rails project. Like Memcache, only persistent. Sto...
  5. 3,227 downloads
    entity-storage (1.0.6) An easy to use Key/Value store for any Ruby on Rails project. Like Memcache, only persistent. Sto...
  6. 20,447 downloads
    entity_store (0.3.9) Event sourced entity store with a replaceable body
  7. 3,394 downloads
    entombedvirus-munin_manager (1.2.0) Tool to maintain and install munin plugins written in Ruby
  8. 1,342 downloads
    entp-astrotrain (0.4.3) email => http post
  9. 857 downloads
    entp-multipass (1.1.3) Bare bones implementation of encoding and decoding MultiPass values for SSO.
  10. 1,212 downloads
    entp-ruby-openid (2.2) A library for consuming and serving OpenID identities. Forked from the unmaintained JanRain version.
  11. 391 downloads
    entrance (0.1.1) Doesn't fiddle with your controllers and routes.
  12. 320 downloads
    entrepot (0.0.1) a helper class do do a chached processing
  13. 20,027 downloads
    entrez ( Simple API for HTTP requests to Entrez E-utilities
  14. 396 downloads
    entropia (0.0.0) Creates random strings with different base alphabets and converts to and from. Convert random se...
  15. 1,254 downloads
    entropi-bootstrap-rails (0.1.0) This gem provides Boostrap CSS and a JQuery plugin interation for your Rails 3 application.
  16. 3,605 downloads
    entropy (0.1.0) This little gem calculates the entropy and ( the cardinality) of a finite probability space, defi...
  17. 30,162 downloads
    entypo-rails (2.2.2) Rails asset pipeline plugin and CSS mappings for the Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce http://www...
  18. 3,958 downloads
    enum (1.0.0) A java like Enum class for ruby. A while ago I was exploring Java, and came across the Enum cla...
  19. 306 downloads
    enum_aasm (0.0.1) This gem patches AASM to use PowerEnum enums for states.
  20. 975 downloads
    enumable (0.0.1) Simple enum attributes for Active Record models
  21. 5,741 downloads
    enum_accessor (2.0.0) Simple enum fields for ActiveRecord
  22. 5,234 downloads
    enumattr (0.0.5) simple enum
  23. 12,291 downloads
    enum_attr (1.0.2) A Rails plugin which brings easy-to-use enum-like functionality to ActiveRecord models (now compa...
  24. 1,080 downloads
    enumattr-ext (0.0.1) enumattr extensions
  25. 2,522 downloads
    enum_attribute (0.0.2) I'm going to describe detail later...
  26. 2,101 downloads
    enumb (0.0.5) enumb helps developers create an enum like object in Ruby that closely resembles commonly found e...
  27. 19,007 downloads
    enum_column (0.1.6) This gem enables enum column support for ActiveRecord 2.
  28. 48,036 downloads
    enum_column3 (0.1.4) Enable enum type for MySQL db.
  29. 8,155 downloads
    enum_column_strict (0.0.2) Allows your rails models and views to take advantage of MySQL's native enum type. Forked from ele...
  30. 425 downloads
    enum_csv (1.0.0) EnumCSV exposes a single method, csv, for easily creating CSV output/files from enumerable objects.