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  1. 712 downloads
    envisionjs-rails (0.0.1) Envision.js for Rails
  2. 888 downloads
    EnvJasmine (1.7.1) EnvJasmine allows you to run headless JavaScript tests.
  3. 60,151 downloads
    envjs (0.3.8) A browser environment for javascript interpreters. This is a fork of the env.js project (http://...
  4. 1,029 downloads
    envjs19 ( A browser environment for javascript interpreters. This is a fork of the env.js project (http://...
  5. 2,568 downloads
    env_lint (0.0.6) Lint the environment according to .env.example
  6. 2,405 downloads
    env_loader (0.1.0) Reads a YAML file and creates ENV variables from it
  7. 514 downloads
    env_manager (0.0.11) Manage your environment
  8. 250 downloads
    envolve (1.0.1) Envolve provides a consistent and validating way to access your application configuration that is...
  9. 4,232 downloads
    envoy (1.0) A simple, extendable messaging system built for deployments
  10. 14,022 downloads
    envoy-proxy (1.0.3) Proxy your local web-server and make it publicly available over the internet
  11. 8,583 downloads
    env.rb (0.0.7) Allows your to manage many ENV vars by declaring them as dependencies on ENV vars and then enforc...
  12. 2,007 downloads
    envred (0.4.1) This is a tool/wrapper for the apps that set env configuration from given redis machine.
  13. 1,629 downloads
    envrobots (0.1.3) Flexible robots.txt solution for Rails to use different robots.txt files depending on the environ...
  14. 337 downloads
    envryo (0.0.2) Evernote various events notifier via Yo.
  15. 1,107 downloads
    envs (0.0.1) Sync your .env and .env.default files
  16. 1,309 downloads
    envy (0.0.1) A gem that creates the illusion of namespaced env variables
  17. 1,389 downloads
    envyable (0.0.2) The simplest yaml to ENV config loader
  18. 3,817 downloads
    envygeeks-coveralls (0.2.0) Small hax to silence Coveralls.
  19. 118 downloads
    envygeeks-gofer (1.0.0) Gofer provides a flexible and reliable model for performing tasks on remote server using Net::SSH
  20. 758 downloads
    enwrap (0.0.1) Common decorators for common situations
  21. 8,181 downloads
    enzyme (0.1.4) Enzyme is a tool developed by Katalyst to make collaborating on projects easier.
  22. 1,585 downloads
    eoat (0.1.2) Eve Online API toolbox
  23. 392 downloads
    eoflife (0.1.0.pre) Programmatic access to the Encylopedia of Life's API
  24. 1,961 downloads
    eolclub_scraper (0.1.0) Scrape currently scheduled event from for
  25. 1,634 downloads
    eol_rackbox (1.1.7) Merb-like BlackBox testing for Rack apps, including Rails; requires two rare dependencies: remi-r...
  26. 3,385 downloads
    eol_scenarios (0.3.4) Based on openrain-scenarios, q.v. Depends on hard-to-find gems at the moment: remi-indifferent-v...
  27. 3,842 downloads
    eon (0.0.9.beta3) Lightweight implementations of presenter, exhibit, form object and helper tools.
  28. 725 downloads
    eon-elements (0.0.1) Asset libraries for web and scaffold templates in modern style (uses "simple_form", "haml", "...
  29. 582 downloads
    eops (0.0.1) A collection of tools that are used in the Elastic Operations Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
  30. 1,620 downloads
    eor (0.1.0) Proc#eor allows you to specify any number of Procs, and get the result of the first successful Proc