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  1. 4,488 downloads
    Eric (0.0.1) blak
  2. 194 downloads
    eric1234-sinatra-authorization (1.1) HTTP Authorization helpers for Sinatra.
  3. 890 downloads
    eric-aasm (2.0.4) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  4. 371 downloads
    eric-adhearsion (0.8.0) Adhearsion is an open-source telephony development framework
  5. 1,930 downloads
    ericam-compass-susy-plugin (0.6.2) Susy is a ground-up native Compass plugin grid system that takes full advantage of Sass' capabili...
  6. 898 downloads
    eric-fakeweb ( A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests
  7. 186 downloads
    eric-feedzirra (0.0.8) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  8. 886 downloads
    eric-god (0.7.14) God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.
  9. 1,183 downloads
    erich-math (0.0.1) This gem has a number of educational tools regarding math. Pairwise prime, factorial, eucli...
  10. 548 downloads
    erichmond-ruby-agi (1.1.1) This is a fork of ruby-agi version 1.1.2 by Mohammad Khan. We've made some fixes for rails compa...
  11. 4,210 downloads
    erichummel-sunspot (1.2.1) Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot m...
  12. 3,874 downloads
    erichummel-sunspot_rails (2.0.0.pre.111215d) Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails add...
  13. 642 downloads
    erichummel-sunspot_solr (2.0.0.pre.111215d) Sunspot::Solr provides a bundled Solr distribution for use with Sunspot. Typical deployme...
  14. 190 downloads
    eric-keyword_search (1.4.0) Generic library to parse GMail-style search strings for keyword/value pairs; supports definition ...
  15. 193 downloads
    eric-mechanize ( The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize automatically ...
  16. 1,668 downloads
    ericperko-acts_as_audited (1.1.2) ActiveRecord extension that logs all changes to your models in an audits table
  17. 187 downloads
    eric-rfeedparser (0.9.951.2) Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Ruby
  18. 4,638 downloads
    erics_tic_tac_toe (1.0.0) Plays the perfect game of Tic Tac Toe everytime. This computer can not lose.
  19. 1,540 downloads
    erie (0.0.0) A framework for robotics.
  20. 2,177 downloads
    erikgem (0.2) My first gem, to see if its possible.
  21. 715 downloads
    erikhansson-emailer (0.1.4) A really simple way to send emails...
  22. 185 downloads
    erikhansson-paperclip_cloudfiles (0.0.2) Provides a :cloudfiles storage options for Paperclip.
  23. 353 downloads
    erikhansson-precssious (0.1.1) Merges CSS files and allows nested declarations
  24. 741 downloads
    eriko-omniauth-cas (1.0.5) CAS Strategy for OmniAuth
  25. 675 downloads
    erik_rulers (0.0.5) A Rack-based Web Framework, similar to rails.
  26. 1,419 downloads
    erik_server (0.0.8) A simple server made with ruby
  27. 10,995 downloads
    eris (0.0.10) Eris is a gem to help test driving webOS Enyo application development
  28. 194 downloads
    erkki-bitly (0.3.1) Use the API to shorten or expand URLs
  29. 548 downloads
    erkki-production_log_analyzer (2009022403) production_log_analyzer provides three tools to analyze log files created by SyslogLogger. pl_an...
  30. 2,510 downloads
    erlang_c_calculator (0.1.1) Given the average call arrival rate per second, the average service time and accept...