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  1. 1,562 downloads
    erotte-validatable (1.8.5) Validatable is a library for adding validations.
  2. 1,360 downloads
    erowid (0.0.1) The Unofficial gem is WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT FUNCTIONAL
  3. 5,968 downloads
    erp_agreements (3.1.0) The Agreements Engine implements model classes for storing Contracts and Agreements data, includi...
  4. 24,800 downloads
    erp_app (3.1.16) Provides an application infrastructure based on the Sencha/extjs UI framework, as well as several...
  5. 12,005 downloads
    erp_base_erp_svcs (3.1.5) contains an implementation of the ubiquitous 'party model' for managing people, organizations, ro...
  6. 12,389 downloads
    erp_commerce (3.1.4) The CompassAE Commerce Engine uses the engines that implement Parties, Products and Orders, and a...
  7. 5,911 downloads
    erp_communication_events (3.1.0) ErpCommunicationEvents add models and services to CompassAE's ERP core to handle contacts between...
  8. 4,936 downloads
    erp_dev_svcs (3.1.0) This engine exists as development support for CompassAE.
  9. 5,879 downloads
    erp_financial_accounting (3.1.0) The CompassAE Financial Accounting Engine implements the basic classes that allow either interfac...
  10. 11,565 downloads
    erp_forms (3.1.2) ErpForms provides dynamic form capability to existing and dynamic models. Form Builder coming soon.
  11. 6,812 downloads
    erp_inventory (3.1.0) The Inventory Engine in CompassAE implements a set of models for storing information about the av...
  12. 7,716 downloads
    erp_invoicing (3.1.0) ErpInvoicing adds models and services to the CompassAE core to handle invoicing and billing funct...
  13. 8,404 downloads
    erp_orders (3.1.1) The Orders Engine in CompassAE implements models for Orders, Order Items and Order status trackin...
  14. 7,688 downloads
    erp_products (3.1.1) The Products Engine implements ProductType and ProductInstance, as well as a number of classes to...
  15. 5,920 downloads
    erp_rules (3.1.0) The Rules Module of CompassAE includes classes which act as helpers in externalizing the executio...
  16. 6,909 downloads
    erp_search (3.1.2) The CompassAE Search Engine provides functionality to facilitate both dimensional and index-based...
  17. 17,594 downloads
    erp_tech_svcs (3.1.8) This engine is implemented with the premise that services like logging, tracing and encryption wo...
  18. 8,254 downloads
    erp_txns_and_accts (3.1.1) The Transactions and Accounts Engine implements the root classes for adding business transactions...
  19. 6,442 downloads
    erp_work_effort (3.1.1) Description of ErpWorkEffort.
  20. 438 downloads
    err (0.0.2) Err lets you switch out error notification apps in a similar way to MultiJSON's parsers.
  21. 17,330 downloads
    errand (0.8.1) Errand provides Ruby bindings for RRD functions (via rrd-ffi), and a concise DSL for interacting ...
  22. 25,359 downloads
    errata (1.1.1) Correct strings based on remote errata files.
  23. 1,041 downloads
    errata_client (0.0.4) ErrataClient is a client library interface to the RedHat Errata Tool
  24. 1,561 downloads
    errata-ruby19 (0.2.3) Correct strings based on remote errata files
  25. 340 downloads
    errata_slip (1.0.0) Apply corrections from yaml file to array of records. Useful in scraping/parsing when one needs t...
  26. 4,469 downloads
    errational (0.12.04) Nice error handling
  27. 3,772 downloads
    errawr (1.1.6) Easily define and raise localized errors.
  28. 1,188 downloads
    errawr-http (1.0.1) Raise 4xx and 5xx HTTP status code errors using Errawr
  29. 604 downloads
    errawr-rails (1.0.0) Raise and render errors in Rails using Errawr
  30. 164 downloads
    errbase (0.0.1) Common exception reporting for a variety of services