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  1. 2,412 downloads
    erlang-terms (1.1.0) Includes simple classes that represent Erlang's export, list, pid, string, and tuple.
  2. 1,713 downloads
    erlapi (0.1.9) Searchable erlang api generator
  3. 6,472 downloads
    erlbox (1.7.1) Rake tasks and helper scripts for building Erlang applications.
  4. 13,180 downloads
    erlectricity (1.1.1) A library to interface erlang and ruby through the erlang port system
  5. 314 downloads
    erlectricity-funbox (1.1.2) A library to interface erlang and ruby through the erlang port system
  6. 3,303 downloads
    erlgen (0.0.2) Erlang application generator
  7. 313 downloads
    erlix (0.5.0a) Run ruby as an Erlang Node!
  8. 4,677 downloads
    erlnixify (0.0.8) Erlnixify's purpose is to rectify a problem in Erlang. At the moment the Erlang VM has the probl...
  9. 1,524 downloads
    ermahgerd (0.0.1) A Ruby ERMAHGERD translator, based on
  10. 183 downloads
    ermaker-dll (0.0.2) A Improved DL::Importer for Ruby >= 1.9
  11. 1,006 downloads
    ermaker_ting (0.0.3) TING!!
  12. 3,271 downloads
    ernicorn (1.0.2) Ernicorn is a BERT-RPC server packaged as a gem.
  13. 34,762 downloads
    ernie (2.5.2) Ernie is an Erlang/Ruby hybrid BERT-RPC server implementation packaged as a gem.
  14. 30,548 downloads
    ero_getter (2.1.0) ero getter
  15. 12,676 downloads
    eroi (0.2.1) API interface to eROI.
  16. 1,582 downloads
    erotte-validatable (1.8.5) Validatable is a library for adding validations.
  17. 1,396 downloads
    erowid (0.0.1) The Unofficial gem is WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT FUNCTIONAL
  18. 6,084 downloads
    erp_agreements (3.1.0) The Agreements Engine implements model classes for storing Contracts and Agreements data, includi...
  19. 25,417 downloads
    erp_app (3.1.16) Provides an application infrastructure based on the Sencha/extjs UI framework, as well as several...
  20. 12,266 downloads
    erp_base_erp_svcs (3.1.5) contains an implementation of the ubiquitous 'party model' for managing people, organizations, ro...
  21. 12,668 downloads
    erp_commerce (3.1.4) The CompassAE Commerce Engine uses the engines that implement Parties, Products and Orders, and a...
  22. 6,019 downloads
    erp_communication_events (3.1.0) ErpCommunicationEvents add models and services to CompassAE's ERP core to handle contacts between...
  23. 5,033 downloads
    erp_dev_svcs (3.1.0) This engine exists as development support for CompassAE.
  24. 5,992 downloads
    erp_financial_accounting (3.1.0) The CompassAE Financial Accounting Engine implements the basic classes that allow either interfac...
  25. 11,830 downloads
    erp_forms (3.1.2) ErpForms provides dynamic form capability to existing and dynamic models. Form Builder coming soon.
  26. 6,947 downloads
    erp_inventory (3.1.0) The Inventory Engine in CompassAE implements a set of models for storing information about the av...
  27. 7,866 downloads
    erp_invoicing (3.1.0) ErpInvoicing adds models and services to the CompassAE core to handle invoicing and billing funct...
  28. 8,569 downloads
    erp_orders (3.1.1) The Orders Engine in CompassAE implements models for Orders, Order Items and Order status trackin...
  29. 7,844 downloads
    erp_products (3.1.1) The Products Engine implements ProductType and ProductInstance, as well as a number of classes to...
  30. 6,033 downloads
    erp_rules (3.1.0) The Rules Module of CompassAE includes classes which act as helpers in externalizing the executio...