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  1. 1,177 downloads
    eve_online-api (0.0.1) Ruby interface to the EVE Online API
  2. 4,355 downloads
    everbox_client (0.0.12) EverBox Command Tool
  3. 367 downloads
    evercam (0.1.2) This library provides a wrapper for using the Evercam API.
  4. 21,363 downloads
    evercookie (0.1.0) Gem for placing and getting evercookie for rails application
  5. 660 downloads
    everdone (0.0.32) Uses Todoist and Evernote web services (and their respective API tokens)
  6. 672 downloads
    everest (0.0.0) FIX ME
  7. 65,955 downloads
    evergreen (1.1.3) Run Jasmine JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications.
  8. 1,170 downloads
    everlog (0.0.6) post log got from third paty to evernote
  9. 3,013 downloads
    evernicious ( A tool for converting delicious bookmarks (HTML file) to Evernote format (ENEX file). The delicio...
  10. 2,193 downloads
    evernotable (1.0.1) A simple commandline task manager that uses Evernote note store. This automatically creates a new...
  11. 22,121 downloads
    evernote (1.2.1) A high level wrapper around Evernote's Thrift-generated ruby code. It bundles up Evernote's thrif...
  12. 131 downloads
    evernote_api (0.0.1.pre) A simple and easy to use wrapper for Evernote's API.
  13. 4,802 downloads
    evernote-editor (0.1.7) Simple command line creation and editing of Evernote notes in Markdown format with your favorite ...
  14. 18,336 downloads
    evernote_oauth (0.2.3) evernote_oauth is a Ruby client for the Evernote API using OAuth and Thrift.
  15. 20,970 downloads
    evernote-thrift (1.25.1) This SDK contains wrapper code used to call the Evernote Cloud API from Ruby.
  16. 1,554 downloads
    evernote_utils (0.0.9) A thin OOP-friendly wrapper of Evernote Ruby SDK.
  17. 3,349 downloads
    everoute (0.1.0) Parses the evemaps website and makes these information available in Ruby
  18. 50,443 downloads
    everqueen (1.1.1) Run QUnit JavaScript unit tests, integrate them into Ruby applications.
  19. 4,732 downloads
    everton (0.1.3) Thin wrapper around evernote ruby api
  20. 286 downloads
    evertrue_app_assets (0.0.0.alpha-x86_64-darwin-12) Searches the iTunes API for EverTrue assets
  21. 755 downloads
    everwrite (0.0.1) verwrite API gem
  22. 3,877 downloads
    every (1.1) Symbol#to_proc's hot cousin. Simple and elegant alternative to using &:method with enumerables.
  23. 1,288 downloads
    everybit (0.1.1) This gem defines methods for controlling your media through Everybit's API.
  24. 7,760 downloads
    everyday-cli-utils (1.8.0) A few CLI and general utilities. Includes a numbered-menu select loop utility, a ANSI formatting...
  25. 363 downloads
    everyday-curses (0.1.0) A utility for handling some curses stuff more easily. Split out from everyday-cli-utils.
  26. 53,873 downloads
    every_day_irb (1.6.1) every_day_irb defines helper methods that simplify life in irb.: ls, cat, rq, rrq, ld, session_hi...
  27. 4,440 downloads
    everyday-menu (1.3.5) An easy way to define menu items and visually lay out menus for your RubyMotion OSX apps. Based o...
  28. 1,419 downloads
    everyday-plugins (1.2.0) A simple gem plugin system. Extracted from the mvn2 gem.
  29. 3,185 downloads
    everyday_thor_util (1.5.3) Two parts: everyday_thor_util/thor-fix patches Thor with a fix for help messages with multi-level...
  30. 1,183 downloads
    every_flavor (0.0.2) Have you ever eaten an axiomatic candy bar or drank an alchemist's potion and ...