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  1. 919 downloads
    easy_wamp (0.0.2) Provides a simple but full implementation of the wamp websocket protocol
  2. 728 downloads
    easy_weixin (0.0.7) easy to use weixin.
  3. 807 downloads
    easywins (0.2.4) Probe a web server for common files and endpoints that are useful for gathering information or ga...
  4. 6,869 downloads
    easyxdm-rails (0.0.8) Add easyXDM to your app.
  5. 1,216 downloads
    easy_youtube (1.0.1) This is a simple Gem for dealing with youtube videos
  6. 1,314 downloads
    easyzpl (0.2.6) This Gem is a wrapper for the ZPL and ZPL 2 languages that are used to build labels for Zebra pri...
  7. 26,252 downloads
    eat (0.1.8) A (better?) replacement for open-uri. Gets the contents of local and remote files as a String, no...
  8. 685 downloads
    eatabit-rails (0.0.2) The official gem for the API
  9. 3,952 downloads
    eatmysoul (0.1.2) A simple netsoul (epitech's internal network protocol) client, mainly targeting servers
  10. 1,422 downloads
    eav_hashes (1.0.1) eav_hashes allows you to to leverage the power of the EAV database model in the way you would...
  11. 3,076 downloads
    eav_presenter (0.3) ActiveRecord model like presenter for Entity-Attribute-Value pattern
  12. 3,446 downloads
    ebabel (0.1.0) babel updated
  13. 362 downloads
    ebanx (0.1.0) EBANX is the market leader in e-commerce payment solutions for International Merchants selling on...
  14. 13,743 downloads
    ebay (1.1) eBay4R is a Ruby wrapper for eBay's Web Services SOAP API. Emphasis is on ease of use and small f...
  15. 18,140 downloads
    ebayapi (0.12.0) Ruby client for the eBay unified schema XML API
  16. 1,006 downloads
    ebayapi-awt (0.13.0) A ruby library for interacting with the eBay XML Trading API, based on self-generated request and...
  17. 512 downloads
    ebay_client (0.1.0) Simple, lightweight eBay Trading API Client
  18. 2,035 downloads
    ebay_enterprise_affiliate_network (1.0.1) Ruby wrapper for eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network API (formerly PepperJam Exchange API). See htt...
  19. 4,968 downloads
    ebayer (1.2.0) This gem intended to use Ebay API withint ruby/rails applications
  20. 747 downloads
    ebay_historicals (0.0.1) This gem will allow your rails app to interact with TeraPeak's api to access historical Ebay sell...
  21. 2,005 downloads
    ebay_party (0.0.2) ["Ebayapi and httparty fused for get categories"]
  22. 6,833 downloads
    ebayr (0.0.7) eBayR is a gem that makes it (relatively) easy to use the eBay Trading API from Ruby. Includes a ...
  23. 302 downloads
    ebay_ruby (0.0.2) Get access to all ebay api fundamentals with fetch data, find item..many more
  24. 286 downloads
    ebay-ruby (0.0.1) A Ruby wrapper to the eBay Web Services API
  25. 1,259 downloads
    ebaytool (0.0.2) Full description here
  26. 16,439 downloads
    ebb (0.3.2) A Web Server
  27. 685 downloads
    ebbflowgo (0.0.1) ["First gem up on rubygems"]
  28. 3,472 downloads
    eb_capistrano_extensions (0.0.3) Provides useful capistrano extensions for use in multiple projects
  29. 10,548 downloads
    ebcdic_converter (1.2.1) Adds a method (ebcdic_to_i) to String that converts it from ebcdic to integer
  30. 18,874 downloads
    eb_deployer (0.4.6) For automating Blue-Green deployment flows on Elastic Beanstalk.