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  1. 1,348 downloads
    ftail (0.0.2) ftail is a custom tail command for Fluentd File output plugin
  2. 143 downloads
    ftbpro_sitemap_generator (5.0.8) SitemapGenerator is a framework-agnostic XML Sitemap generator written in Ruby with automatic Rai...
  3. 3,285 downloads
    ftdi (0.0.2) Ruby bindings for libftdi
  4. 1,451 downloads
    ftdic (0.0.1) FTDIC is a wrapper for the libftdi library. Libftdi is a library for communicating with FTDI chi...
  5. 16,102 downloads
    ftl (0.3.3) Ftl is a command line tool for Fog/AWS
  6. 3,159 downloads
    fto (1.0.0) FTO is an extensible Ruby library for formatting text strings. In function it is similar to <tt>...
  7. 14,639 downloads
    ftools (0.0.0) Various file-tools for Ruby, that I want to share with others
  8. 14,810 downloads
    ftpd (0.17.0) ftpd is a pure Ruby FTP server library. It supports implicit and explicit TLS, IPV6, passive and...
  9. 3,521 downloads
    ftp_deploy (0.0.4) Many users have sites hosted on shared hosts, where SSH is not available. Therefore, you can not ...
  10. 1,107 downloads
    ftpeter (0.0.1) FTP Deployment, one day
  11. 5,690 downloads
    ftp-ext (0.1.4) FTPExt adds two methods (put_dir and rmrf_dir) to Net::FTP to copy, sync, and delete whole folder...
  12. 177,061 downloads
    ftpfxp (0.0.4) Extension to Net::FTP providing FXP and SSL/TLS support
  13. 12,688 downloads
    ftp_paradise (1.0.54) This Project aims to provide some convenience bindings for the Ruby-FTP base module. A f...
  14. 1,182 downloads
    ftpproxy (1.2.0) Thin and simple FTP proxy providing support for active/passive translation.
  15. 4,597 downloads
    ftp_service (0.3.0) An FTP Service is like a web service except stupid. You send your request by uploading an xml fil...
  16. 6,881 downloads
    ftp_sync (0.4.3) Library for recursively downloading and uploading entire directories from FTP servers. Supports '...
  17. 532 downloads
    ftp_transfer (0.0.1) A bulk ftp transfer library
  18. 4,663 downloads
    ftputils (0.2.1) Implements a subset of the methods in FileUtils for FTP URIs, falling back on FileUtils when a pa...
  19. 4,140 downloads
    ftrio (0.0.4) Feature managment tool
  20. 4,936 downloads
    fts_lite (0.2.0) simple full text search engine
  21. 5,330 downloads
    ftt (0.0.8) Fast Templating Toolkit to harmonize commonly used WordPress Template Tags.
  22. 233,002 downloads
    ftw (0.0.39) For The Web. Trying to build a solid and sane API for client and server web stuff. Client and Ser...
  23. 5,460 downloads
    fu (0.1.4) Fu combines the logic–less portability of Mustache with the terse utility of Haml.
  24. 4,655 downloads
    fubu ( Command line tools for FubuMVC development
  25. 4,274 downloads
    fubudocs ( FubuDocs is a tool for generating project documentation using the FubuMVC framework
  26. 9,482 downloads
    fuburake ( Rake helpers for FubuDocs, ripple, NUnit, and cross platform fubu project development
  27. 844 downloads
    fuby (0.0.2) Lightweight extensions to the Ruby standard library provided by the refinements mechanism.
  28. 4,193 downloads
    fuci (0.4.2) FUCK YOU CI
  29. 1,052 downloads
    fuci-team_city (0.1.0) A local runner for your TeamCity build failures.
  30. 3,168 downloads
    fuci-travis (0.4.1) FUCK YOU CI: For Travis! :).