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  1. 11,510 downloads
    fake_sqs (0.1.0) Provides a fake SQS server that you can run locally to test against
  2. 13,594 downloads
    fakes-rspec (2.0.0) Faking library that allows inspection of received calls after they have been made. Also supports ...
  3. 3,139 downloads
    fakessl (0.0.4) FakeSSL impersonates an HTTPS server and prints the client requests
  4. 1,412 downloads
    fake_stripe (0.0.6) An implementation of the Stripe credit card processing service to run during your integration tests.
  5. 18,066 downloads
    fakettp (0.3.9) HTTP server mocking tool
  6. 1,717 downloads
    faketwitter (0.1.4) FakeWeb wrapper for Twitter and factories to build tweets and search responses
  7. 1,301,817 downloads
    fakeweb (1.3.0) FakeWeb is a helper for faking web requests in Ruby. It works at a global level, without modifyin...
  8. 36,704 downloads
    FakeWeb (1.1.2) A test helper that makes it simple to test HTTP interaction
  9. 3,028 downloads
    fakeweb_curb-fu (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  10. 28,649 downloads
    fakeweb-matcher (1.2.2) RSpec matcher for the FakeWeb library
  11. 2,463 downloads
    fakext (0.0.2) simple library to make it easy faking an extconf
  12. 140 downloads
    fakey (1.0.0) Foreign keys support for ActiveRecord migrations
  13. 1,296 downloads
    fake_zip (0.0.2) build zip files with given file structure for testing
  14. 4,151 downloads
    fakie (0.2.0) libphonenumber wrapper
  15. 1,158 downloads
    fakturownia (0.0.2) This gem gives integration with polish on-line invoicing service:
  16. 1,567 downloads
    fakutori-san (0.1.0) FakutoriSan is a lean model factory plugin which uses vanilla Ruby to define the factories, allow...
  17. 4,845 downloads
    falcon (0.1.3) Background video encoding via resque
  18. 4,175 downloads
    falconer (0.0.5) Falconer Event Endpoint for Ruby and Rack
  19. 1,276 downloads
    falcor (0.0.3) Quickly build example data
  20. 792 downloads
    falcore (0.2.0) Falcore is a Ruby library and CLI for collecting Jenkins slave information from a Jenkins master ...
  21. 89 downloads
    falken (0.0.1) Don't mind me. I'm just exploring Ruby and creating my first gem.
  22. 3,077 downloads
    falkorlib (0.3.12) This is my personal library I use to share the Ruby tidbits, Rake and Capistrano tasks I made for...
  23. 5,170 downloads
    fallback (0.1.1) Fallback when original is not present or somethings not right.
  24. 1,559 downloads
    fallback_assets (0.0.5) Easy to use helper to work with your assets
  25. 3,022 downloads
    fallen (0.0.3) A simpler way to create Ruby fallen angels, better known as daemons
  26. 1,985 downloads
    fallocate (0.1.1) fallocate is a fast method for allocating real disk space for files
  27. 174 downloads
    fallout (0.0.2) A simple ruby script that can backup and restore Amazon EC2 instances
  28. 9,104 downloads
    falls_back_on (0.1.4) ActiveRecord extension to intelligently fall back on another column when a given column is unavai...
  29. 3,278 downloads
    falluto (0.0.9) A model checker for verifying fault tolerant systems
  30. 748 downloads
    false_destroy (0.1.0) when mark a record deleted in DB, then run callback after_false_destroy like after_destroy in rails