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  1. 12,099 downloads
    futures_pipeline (0.2.1) Ruby wrapper for the Futures, Inc. US Military Pipeline API
  2. 1,973 downloads
    futurest (0.0.2) Wrapper for's API
  3. 9,049 downloads
    futurevalue (0.0.2) A promise of a value to be calculated in the future
  4. 699 downloads
    futuristic (0.4.3) Rubymotion Promise and Futures helper on top of Grand Central Dispatch
  5. 432 downloads
    futurocube (0.1.0) Tools for messing with FuturoCube data
  6. 33,942 downloads
    futuroscope (0.1.11) Futuroscope is yet another simple gem that implements the Futures concurrency pattern.
  7. 966,499 downloads
    fuubar (1.3.3) the instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter
  8. 86,514 downloads
    fuubar-cucumber (0.0.22) the instafailing Cucumber progress bar formatter
  9. 7,627 downloads
    fuubar-legacy (0.0.3) The instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter for rspec-1
  10. 476 downloads
    fuubar_velocity (0.0.2) After test run, prints velocity (how many specs/sec)
  11. 2,340 downloads
    fuxed_lock (0.0.2) Workaround to avoid FUTEX_LOCK bug (i need it for sublets in subtle wm)
  12. 1,643 downloads
    fuzed (0.1.0) The author was too lazy to write a description
  13. 657 downloads
    fuzion (0.0.5) Run fusion start . to start a live coding session that can be watched by anyone with your url gen...
  14. 1,828 downloads
    fuzzake (0.0.2) Fuzzake is a small library to integrate it with your rake file to be able to run rake taks in a f...
  15. 2,371 downloads
    fuzz_ball (0.9.1) FuzzBall is a gem that finds fuzzy matches of a string (the 'needle') within an array of strings ...
  16. 3,323 downloads
    fuzzbert (1.0.4) A random testing / fuzzer framework for Ruby.
  17. 2,388 downloads
    fuzzer (0.5.0) Downloads, corrupts, and uploads client sqlite dbs for testing purposes.
  18. 8,650 downloads
    fuzzily (0.3.2) Fast fuzzy string matching for rails
  19. 3,287 downloads
    fuzzy (9000.0.2) Force ruby to use common sense instead of being so pedantic
  20. 3,651 downloads
    fuzzy_associative_memory (1.3.2) A Fuzzy Associative Memory (FAM for short) is a Fuzzy Logic tool for decision making. Fuzzy l...
  21. 3,523 downloads
    fuzzyclock (0.0.3) A Ruby class to imitate the basic functionality of the cool FuzzyClock application
  22. 3,178 downloads
    fuzzy_date (0.8.3) FuzzyDate is a Ruby class for working with incomplete dates.
  23. 2,795 downloads
    fuzzy-date (0.2.0) The fuzzy-date gem provides a way to parse and use incomplete dates, like those found in history ...
  24. 1,869 downloads
    fuzzy_dice_game (1.5) This is a standalone program that simulates one round from a craps game. The program runs until y...
  25. 5,957 downloads
    fuzzy_file_finder (1.0.4) an implementation of TextMate's cmd-T search functionality
  26. 31,223 downloads
    fuzzyhash (0.0.11) A weird hash with special semantics for regex keys
  27. 1,634 downloads
    fuzzy_hash (0.0.3) A weird hash with special semantics for regex keys
  28. 2,099 downloads
    fuzzy_infer (0.0.2) Use fuzzy set analysis to infer missing values. You provide a sigma function, a membership functi...
  29. 2,897 downloads
    fuzzy-logic (0.0.3) fuzzy-logic and fuzzy-rules are really handy for some problems.
  30. 308,102 downloads
    fuzzy_match (2.1.0) Find a needle in a haystack using string similarity and (optionally) regexp rules. Replaces loose...