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  1. 1,100 downloads
    fast_html_diff (0.8.1) Performs a diff on two HTML inputs, outputting the result as HTML.
  2. 1,659 downloads
    fast_http (0.1.1) The http client from rfuzz extracted into its own gem.
  3. 267,150 downloads
    fastimage (1.6.3) FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its uri by fetching as little as needed.
  4. 4,207 downloads
    fastimage_inline (1.0.4) FastImage Inline places small images inline in you HTML IMG tags code using a 'data' url.
  5. 14,387 downloads
    fastimage_resize (2.0.3) FastImage Resize is an extremely light solution for resizing images in ruby by using libgd.
  6. 2,915 downloads
    fast_innodb_import (0.0.2) Script to import mysqldumps (<table_name>.txt files created with option -T) with "disabled" keys ...
  7. 689 downloads
    fast_jsmin (0.0.1) This is a ruby -> C wrapper extension for Douglas Crockford's awesome jsmin.
  8. 7,564 downloads
    fastlib (0.0.7) This gem provides a way to load libraries from an archive
  9. 11,609 downloads
    fastly (1.1.3) Client library for the Fastly acceleration system
  10. 322 downloads
    fastly_fluent (0.0.3) fluent plugin for JSON encoded fastly syslogs
  11. 1,233 downloads
    fastly-rails (0.1.4) Creates surrogate keys on ActiveRecord models, sets cache/surrogate headers, and adds a purge met...
  12. 2,761 downloads
    fastlz (0.1.0) Ruby bindings for FastLZ.
  13. 4,346 downloads
    fast-mailer (0.2.0) Helps with sending emails fast, and with convenient configuration.
  14. 1,092 downloads
    fast_nearest_latlng (0.0.2) Locate the nearest location within a set to a given location
  15. 1,015 downloads
    fast-one (0.0.1) Pull a fast-one; automate simple commands to test a pull request.
  16. 3,545 downloads
    fast_open_struct (0.1.0) An almost drop-in replacement for OpenStruct that does not invalidate the method cache on every i...
  17. 1,674 downloads
    fastory (0.1.0) Sits on top of FactoryGirl and, when appropriate, caches SQL for later playback
  18. 4,215 downloads
    fastout (0.0.3) Detect outliers in high-dimension data sets using the FASTOUT algorithm by Foss et. al
  19. 5,843 downloads
    fastprowl (0.3.1) Ruby Prowl library that uses libcurl-multi for parallel requests
  20. 13,629 downloads
    fastq-factory (0.1.16) This tool can process fastq files, using fastq_quality_trimmer and quake to correct fastq files a...
  21. 5,982 downloads
    fastr (0.1.0) A fast, micro-framework for Ruby that should be run under EventMachine servers (thin)
  22. 13,952 downloads
    fast_rake (0.2.8) Runs a small number of setup tasks, followed by a bunch of expensive tasks in parallel. ...
  23. 2,748 downloads
    fast_random (1.0.0) ultra fast order by rand() solution, see
  24. 1,481 downloads
    fastr-compress (0.0.1) Compresses output with GZip or Deflate for responses.
  25. 14,242 downloads
    fastreader (1.0.8) A light and fast terminal-based feed reader.
  26. 4,751 downloads
    fast_require (0.4.0) A tool designed to speedup library loading in Ruby by caching library locations
  27. 18,741 downloads
    fastri ( FastRI is an alternative to the ri command-line tool. It is *much* faster, and also allows you to...
  28. 23,681 downloads
    fastruby (0.0.22) fast execution of ruby code
  29. 2,678 downloads
    fast_seeder (0.1.0) Speeds up seeding database using multiple SQL inserts
  30. 3,054 downloads
    fastshop_catalog (0.0.8) Integração com webservices da FastShop