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  1. 3,144 downloads
    facebook_events (0.0.3) Given a Facebook page or user id, this gem will return an array of its events.
  2. 2,615 downloads
    facebook_feed (1.0.4) A Ruby wrapper around Facebook feed APIs. Currently, Facebook Group and Feed APIs are supported.
  3. 3,478 downloads
    facebook-google-calendar-sync (0.2.2) Syncs Facebook calendar to Google calendar
  4. 1,673 downloads
    facebook_graph (0.0.0) The Facebook Graph plugin is a simple implementation of Facebook’s social graph for Ruby on Rails.
  5. 4,764 downloads
    facebook-graph (0.1.2) Simple Ruby wrapper for the FB Graph API. Still in its early stages.
  6. 2,909 downloads
  7. 4,721 downloads
    facebook-graphclient (0.3) A bare-bones implementation of Facebook's new Graph API
  8. 8,852 downloads
    facebook_graphr (0.1.5) A lightweight gem for dealing with Facebook's new Open Graph API
  9. 1,595 downloads
    facebookie (0.0.1) Provides you a interface for the Facebook API through OAuth
  10. 1,965 downloads
    facebook_js (0.0.3) facebook_js helps to keep all the unnecessary editing from using Facebook JS SDK.
  11. 1,587 downloads
    facebook-js-stub (0.1.4) A mocking framework for the FB javascript library.
  12. 1,056 downloads
    facebook_light (0.0.3dev) A transparent facebook api implementation that doesn't obscure requests
  13. 6,449 downloads
    facebook-login (0.3.0) Easy integration with Facebook Graph for your application
  14. 29,045 downloads
    facebook_oauth (0.3.0) facebook_oauth is a Ruby client library for the Facebook OAuth Graph API
  15. 2,079 downloads
    FacebookOnRails (0.1.6) "Easy-to-use Rails integration for facebook connection, and Graph and FQL API access."
  16. 3,270 downloads
    facebook_page_parser (0.1.2) This is a very simple parser for Facebook Pages (a.k.a fan pages), using the Graph API. This gem ...
  17. 1,685 downloads
    facebook_party (0.1.0) Lightweight wrapper for Facebook API using HTTParty
  18. 1,115 downloads
    facebook_photos (0.0.1) "facebook user photos"
  19. 529 downloads
    facebook_picture_for (0.0.1) A configurable Rails view helper for viewing Facebook profile images in your Rails application. I...
  20. 8,036 downloads
    facebook_rails (0.2.1) Manages collecting of facebook authentication and provides helpers. It uses koala and is built fo...
  21. 1,354 downloads
    facebook-rails (0.1.0) Adds Facebooko configuration options to Rails applications
  22. 4,189 downloads
    facebook-rails-starterkit (0.2.1) Make it simple to get started using Facebook with Rails!
  23. 3,276 downloads
    facebookrb (0.1.1) Simple Facebook API client and middleware
  24. 6,750 downloads
    facebook_registration (1.0.4) facebook_registration is a ruby library for displaying new Facebook Registration form and to pars...
  25. 225 downloads
    facebook_scraper (0.1.0) Simply keep your OpenGraph-Objects up to date
  26. 2,348 downloads
    facebook_sdk (0.0.2) Facebook SDK for Graph API
  27. 1,925 downloads
    facebook_session (1.0.0) Rails plugin for simple Facebook session authentication
  28. 10,706 downloads
    facebook_share (0.0.6) A Facebook Share button for convenient re-usage
  29. 3,389 downloads
    facebook_share_link (0.0.3) Great for adding share on Facebook links in emails
  30. 20,637 downloads
    facebook-signed-request (0.2.7) Parses and validates Facebook signed requests