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  1. 2,040 downloads
    finishio (0.0.6) A Ruby interface and command line utility for the APIs
  2. 1,350 downloads
    finite (1.1.0) A simple state machine implementation for ruby
  3. 1,161 downloads
    finite_automata (0.0.1) A library for describing and visualizing finite automata
  4. 3,218 downloads
    finitefield (0.1.0) Finite Field implementation in Ruby.
  5. 5,366 downloads
    finite_machine (0.9.2) A minimal finite state machine with a straightforward syntax. You can quickly model states, add c...
  6. 2,427 downloads
    finite_mdp (0.1.1) This library provides several ways of describing a finite Markov Decision Process (MDP) model (se...
  7. 957 downloads
    finitio (0.4.1) Implements the Finitio information language in Ruby.
  8. 5,493 downloads
    finity (0.1.1) Extremly lightweight state machine implementation with an easily readable syntax
  9. 538 downloads
    finktank (0.1.0) Get the probabilities of the outcomes of upcoming football matches
  10. 2,329 downloads
    finmodeling (0.2.1) A gem for manipulating XBRL financial filings
  11. 859 downloads
    finna_be_ninja (0.0.1) Cheap hack to bundle RHEL5 binaries for tesseract-ocr
  12. 1,192 downloads
    finnet_api (0.0.4) finnet_api
  13. 9,127 downloads
    finnlabs-ci_reporter (1.6.6) CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit, RSpec and Cucumber that allows you to generate XML repor...
  14. 180 downloads
    finnlabs-warbler (0.9.14) Warbler is a gem to make a .war file out of a Rails, Merb, or Rack-based application. The intent ...
  15. 4,365 downloads
    finstyle (1.2.0) Version pinning RuboCop and configuration for consistentcy in CI
  16. 581 downloads
    fintop (0.0.2) Fintop is a top-like monitoring tool Finagle servers
  17. 2,674 downloads
    fio_api (0.0.4) API wrapper for FIO bank
  18. 11,127 downloads
    fiona (0.1.0) Easily store and use template data with Rails.
  19. 1,770 downloads
    fio_parser (0.2.0) Gem for parsing monthly statements from the Fio Bank CZ. Supports CSV, GPC and email format.
  20. 946 downloads
    fipe (0.0.2) A ruby client that parses responses from the fipe web api and let you use all sugar data from there
  21. 3,143 downloads
    fips-county-codes (0.4.0) data structures for querying FIPS codes
  22. 18,881 downloads
    fir (0.1.4) Rack-based, Passenger-compatible, with pretty URLs and simple HTTP API for managing content
  23. 10,743 downloads
    fira (0.6.2) Adds improvements to HTML syntax for id and class attributes
  24. 188 downloads
    firblitz-edgeville (0.1.0) Gem for accessing player and GE info from the popular MMORPG, Runescape.
  25. 2,480 downloads
    fire (0.2.0) Fire is a continuous integration build tool with a slick set logic state/rules system.
  26. 11,423 downloads
    fire_and_forget (0.3.3) Fire & Forget is a simple, framework agnostic, background task launcher for Ruby web apps
  27. 3,541 downloads
    fire-and-forget (0.1.0) Allows developers to fire HTTP requests and not worry about the response (only the initial connec...
  28. 2,040 downloads
    fireball (1.0.3) A RubyMotion wrapper for the Firebase iOS SDK
  29. 13,488 downloads
    firebase (0.2.2) Firebase wrapper for Ruby
  30. 9,304 downloads
    firebase_token_generator (2.0.0) A library for generating signed authentication tokens for use with Firebase. Uses your app secret.