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  1. 2,691 downloads
    firecracker (1.0.2) An implementation of the UDP/TCP torrent scrape protocol
  2. 406 downloads
    fired (0.0.1) Easily check when methods fired and when they didn't
  3. 420 downloads
    fire_dept (0.0.1) Provides intelligent, configurable handling of a wide variety of exceptions.
  4. 14,390 downloads
    fireeagle ( Ruby wrapper for Yahoo!'s FireEagle
  5. 32,861 downloads
    firefly (1.5.3) Firefly is your own personal URL shortener for your own domain. It's written in Ruby and powered ...
  6. 2,232 downloads
    firefly-client (0.4.0) This is a client Gem for the Firefly URL shortener. It allows you Ruby application to call Firefl...
  7. 2,070 downloads
    firefox (0.1.0) Helper gem for Mozilla Firefox.
  8. 31,021 downloads
    firehose (1.2.20) Firehose is a realtime web application toolkit for building realtime Ruby web applications.
  9. 907 downloads
    firehouse (0.0.3) Walking directions to nearest firehouse
  10. 15,952 downloads
    fireinc-apn_on_rails ( APN on Rails is a Ruby on Rails gem that allows you to easily add Apple Push Notification (iPhone...
  11. 1,651 downloads
    fireinc-pdf-reader (0.11.0) The PDF::Reader library implements a PDF parser conforming as much as possible to the PDF specifi...
  12. 1,253 downloads
    firejab (0.0.1) A simple Jabber bot that shuttles messages between Jabber and Campfire
  13. 4,508 downloads
    firelinks (0.0.6) Mirror Firefox in elinks
  14. 2,406 downloads
    firelite (1.1.0) A gem for developers to open firebug lite, useful for IE development and bug fixing!
  15. 3,037 downloads
    fireman (0.1.0) make pivotal tracker and git more awesome!
  16. 1,705 downloads
    firenxis-god (0.11.0) An easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.
  17. 6,429 downloads
    firephruby (0.2.2) FirePHRuby is a Ruby module for the "FirePHP" Firefox/Firebug extension to make AJAX de...
  18. 5,363 downloads
    fire_poll (1.2.0) Simple, brute-force method for knowing when something is ready
  19. 23,131 downloads
    firering (1.4.2) Campfire API interface powered by eventmachine em-http-request and yajl-ruby.
  20. 34,132 downloads
    fireruby (0.4.3-mswin32) FireRuby is an extension to the Ruby programming language that provides access to the Firebird op...
  21. 879 downloads
    firescan (0.08) firescan-ruby ============= Ruby reference implementation for the Firebind Firescan path scan cl...
  22. 1,295 downloads
    firestarter (0.0.1) Couple of methods to make life easier when starting a project from scratch
  23. 1,509 downloads
    firestone (0.0.3) A collection of Firefox automation and programmatic management scripts in Ruby
  24. 14,738 downloads
    firetower (0.1.1) A command-line interface to Campfire chats
  25. 5,012 downloads
    firetruck (0.3) The official Ruby wrapper for Firetruck, a notification aggregation service
  26. 3,159 downloads
    fire_up (0.1.1) The FlexibleCsv gem uses the FasterCSV gem to parse user created CSV files that may not have stan...
  27. 670 downloads
    firewall (0.0.3) GUI for managing iptables. Also provides shorthand iptables rules to ban IPs who exceed configura...
  28. 1,713 downloads
    firewall-agent (0.1.0) Firewall Agent is a utility to simplify firewall configuration for clouds and clusters, especiall...
  29. 8,923 downloads
    firewall_constraint (0.0.9) Rails 3 firewall route constraints
  30. 476 downloads
    firewall_generator (0.0.1) Simple firewall generation tool