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  1. 1,316 downloads
    fishcli (1.1.0) A CLI for Fishbans, made using the Fishbans API.
  2. 1,132 downloads
    fisher_classifier (0.0.4) Light document classifier based on Fisher method
  3. 599 downloads
    fisher-rack (0.0.1) Simple piece of rack middleware to track stats
  4. 3,209 downloads
    fisheye-crucible (0.0.2) This gem is a wrapper around the REST API for Atlassian's {Fisheye}[
  5. 1,221 downloads
    fishman-activemerchant (1.18.0) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  6. 4,007 downloads
    fishman-ar_mailer (2.1.12) ArMailer wrapper for Rails 3
  7. 3,372 downloads
    fishman-eventmachine_httpserver (0.2.2) EventMachine HTTP Server
  8. 1,274 downloads
    fishman-i18n_routing (0.4.9) I18n_routing is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that lets you easily translate your routes trough the ...
  9. 1,108 downloads
    fishman-postmark-rails (0.4.1) Use this plugin in your rails applications to send emails through the Postmark API
  10. 1,526 downloads
    fishman-uuid4r (0.1.1) This library generates and parses Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), based on OSSP uui...
  11. 1,103 downloads
    fishnet (1.0.1) A simple grid framework based on the semantic grid system, built in sass and tuned to work with b...
  12. 497 downloads
    fish.rb (1.0.3) Ruby fish interpreter for the newer multi-stack version of fish
  13. 9,548 downloads
    fishwife (1.6.0-java) A hard working threaded HTTP 1.1 Rack server for JRuby using Jetty 7.x or 9.x. Fishwife deploys a...
  14. 1,567 downloads
    fissher (1.0.4) A utility written to perform batch commands on many servers over SSH. Supports jump servers and h...
  15. 167,834 downloads
    fission (0.5.0) A simple utility to manage VMware Fusion VMs from the command line
  16. 1,201 downloads
    fis-test (0.0.2) Really simple testing framework used at Flatiron School
  17. 3,480 downloads
    fistface (1.0.2) Pow. Right in the kisser.
  18. 149 downloads
    fistfvck-n (0.0.2) The Kernel.n that works like Kernel.p on notify-send ;)
  19. 1,398 downloads
    fist_of_fury (0.2.6) Recurring jobs for Sucker Punch
  20. 4,414 downloads
    fit (1.2) RubyFIT is a tool for enhancing communication and collaboration in software development. It allow...
  21. 550 downloads
    fit4ruby (0.0.4) This library can read and write FIT files and convert them into a Ruby data structure for easy pr...
  22. 5,084 downloads
    fitbit (0.2.0) A client library to send and retrieve workout/weight data from
  23. 177 downloads
    fitbit_alarms_cli (0.1.0) A CLI gem to setup Fitbit alarms
  24. 1,149 downloads
    fitbit-omni-api (0.0.3) Fitbit OmniAuth strategy + API wrapper
  25. 268 downloads
    fitbit_subscriptions (0.0.1) Handle Fitbit subscription notifications within a Rails or Rack app, and pass them on via ActiveS...
  26. 1,826 downloads
    fitbit-to-graphite (0.2.0) script to import fitbit sleep data into graphite
  27. 50,567 downloads
    fitgem (0.10.0) A client library to send and retrieve workout, weight, and diet data from
  28. 1,694 downloads
    fitnesse-ruby (0.1.0) The fitnesse server packaged as a convenient gem.
  29. 1,243 downloads
    fitnexus (0.0.1) FitNexus installs a FitNesse wiki with several enhancements, including Mastiffe for manua...
  30. 1,045 downloads
    fitnio_export (1.0) A tool for exporting activity data from Fitnio in GPX format (for importing into Runkeeper)