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  1. 1,205 downloads
    fixed_width_parser (1.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 2,515 downloads
    fixed-width-structures (0.9.0) Simplify usage of fixed width text based data structures as one generally finds used in older app...
  3. 9,745 downloads
    fixer (0.5.0) Current and historical foreign exchange rate feeds
  4. 3,342 downloads
    fixi (0.1.0) Keeps an index of checksums and lets you update and verify them
  5. 1,810 downloads
    fixie (0.2.0) A standalone library for managing test fixture data
  6. 883 downloads
    fix-ie-picasso (0.0.1) a ie7 and ie8 fix for images with Picasso framework
  7. 3,063 downloads
    fixie-rails (1.0.1) Ryhan Hassan's awesome Fixie.js packaged up for the rails asset pipeline
  8. 444 downloads
    fix_iphone_picture_orientation (0.0.1) Convert iPhone images to have a useful Orientation tag value and be internally correctly oriented...
  9. 2,692 downloads
    fixit (0.0.6) Fixit provides a minimal interface for using fixuture. Also see .
  10. 86,223 downloads
    fixjour (0.5.3) Object creation methods everyone already has
  11. 5,643 downloads
    fixjour-2 (0.0.4) Fixjour Again
  12. 1,196 downloads
    fix-lame-id3-generated-by-k3b (0.0.1) Fix id3 tag encodings generated by lame in K3b
  13. 107 downloads
    fixlr-browser_stakeout (0.1.1) Like RStakeout, but for watching static web content in multiple web browsers.
  14. 214 downloads
    fixlr-dspace-ruby (0.1.1) Collection of tools for working with a DSpace repository in Ruby.
  15. 919 downloads
    fix_mah_gemfile (0.0.3) command-line script to modify and run bundler for you in one operation
  16. 2,137 downloads
    fixme (3.1.1) Comments that raise after a certain point in time.
  17. 7,144 downloads
    fix_microsoft_links (0.1.4) Fixes redirects to login pages when a user clicks a link to your site from a Microsoft applicatio...
  18. 4,630 downloads
    fixnames (0.5.1) Cleans up filenames so they can easily be used in scripts, without annoyances such as spaces or o...
  19. 230 downloads
    fixosm (0.0.2) Sorts nodes, ways and relations into ascending order for libosmscout
  20. 3,014 downloads
    fix_parameters (0.1.1) Redirect if :page query parameter is not an integer.
  21. 3,207 downloads
    fix_protocol_tools (1.2.0) log viewer for fix protocol logs
  22. 1,522 downloads
    fix_ranges (0.0.1) fix_ranges auto converts Range to an Array if the method exists for an array.This allows (0..9).r...
  23. 3,984 downloads
    fixrbconfig (1.2) Fixes the rbconfig.rb that ships with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), which makes it impossible to compile...
  24. 475 downloads
    fix_request_processing (0.0.1) Fixs rails request processing, when passing b:[], rails will convert to nil which is not correct
  25. 1,414 downloads
    fix_spec (0.2.1) Build and Inspect FIX Messages with RSpec and Cucumber steps
  26. 1,046 downloads
    fix-steam-font (0.1.1) Sets the Steam chat window fonts back to the old, small size.
  27. 1,011 downloads
    fix_symbol (0.0.2) A simple gem to allow symbols with fix id throughout different instances.
  28. 6,578 downloads
    fix_to_chix (0.0.5) convert existing yaml fixtures to factory_girl factories
  29. 17,861 downloads
    fixturease (0.3.1) Easy fixture creation too
  30. 17,497 downloads
    fixture_background ( Generate fixtures from factories _in_ you testcode to speedup test-runs