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  1. 5,081 downloads
    flatware (0.3.0) A distributed cucumber runner
  2. 1,385 downloads
    flaun (0.0.3) launch browser after ssh local forward
  3. 226 downloads
    flavicon (0.1.0) fetch favicon url by parsing html and falling back on /favicon.ico as default
  4. 454 downloads
    flavordb-ruby (0.0.1) A ruby client for the FlavorDB API
  5. 2,402 downloads
    flavors (0.5.0) Simple and flexible preferences integration for ActiveRecord models.
  6. 1,628 downloads
    flavoured_markdown (0.5.3) Websafe markdown with some extra flavour.
  7. 690 downloads
    flavours (0.0.9) One codebase. Multiple Google Play Store submission APKs with different buildConfigs, package nam...
  8. 3,995 downloads
    flavour_saver (0.3.2) FlavourSaver is a pure-ruby implimentation of the Handlebars templating language
  9. 1,156 downloads
    flaw_detector (0.1.0) The tool detects code's flaw, which should be fixed, with static analysis of RubyVM bytecode. The...
  10. 556,337 downloads
    flay (2.5.0) Flay analyzes code for structural similarities. Differences in literal values, variable, class, m...
  11. 2,248 downloads
    flay-actionpack (0.0.4) Flay plugin for Rails ERB templates
  12. 3,233 downloads
    flay-haml (0.0.3) Plugin for flay enabling processing of .haml files
  13. 1,135 downloads
    flay-js (0.0.2) Helps flay to find duplicate code in javascript files
  14. 717 downloads
    flay-persistence (1.0.0) Did you ever want to make your flay results persistent?!? Me neither, but now you can! This flay ...
  15. 2,132 downloads
    fldigi (0.1.2) A library for talking to FLDigi.
  16. 1,306 downloads
    flea (0.1.0) Flea is an extremely simple, but extremely extensible Lisp interpreter written in Ruby.
  17. 26,555 downloads
    fleakr (0.7.1) A small, yet powerful, gem to interface with Flickr photostreams
  18. 2,507 downloads
    fled (0.0.3) Generate a list of files, edit it, then print a bash script with the appropriate commands
  19. 936 downloads
    fleece (1.0.2.beta) Draw data visualizations to the cloud from your Ruby prompt
  20. 11,963 downloads
    fleet (0.1.7) Ruby client for FleetDB.
  21. 727 downloads
    fleetctl (0.1.4) Allows controlling fleet clusters via a ruby API
  22. 587 downloads
    fleetctl-setup (0.0.3) Finds the public IP of a random node on a CodeOS cluster running in AWS, and sets the FLEETCTL_TU...
  23. 647 downloads
    fleetly (0.0.3) API Wrapper for Fleetly
  24. 1,202 downloads
    flee_to_md (0.1.1) Helps convert a big xml file (like from squarespace) into separate markdown files
  25. 2,126 downloads
    flem (0.0.2) It's like chocolate strawberries in your code
  26. 12,626 downloads
    fletcher (0.6.9) Easily fetch product information from third party websites such as Amazon, Steam, eBay, etc.
  27. 7,835 downloads
    fletcherm-culerity (0.2.9) Culerity integrates Cucumber and Celerity in order to test your application's full stack.
  28. 1,605 downloads
    fletcherm-git-deploy (0.3.0) A tool to install useful git hooks on your remote repository to enable push-based, Heroku-like de...
  29. 11,463 downloads
    flex (1.0.6) Flex is the ultimate ruby client for elasticsearch. It is powerful, fast and efficient, easy to u...
  30. 1,581 downloads
    flex2sdk (2.1.0) Adobe Flex 2 SDK including mxmlc, compc, asdoc, fdb and requisite rake tasks