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  1. 1,248 downloads
    fix-lame-id3-generated-by-k3b (0.0.1) Fix id3 tag encodings generated by lame in K3b
  2. 180 downloads
    fixlr-browser_stakeout (0.1.1) Like RStakeout, but for watching static web content in multiple web browsers.
  3. 359 downloads
    fixlr-dspace-ruby (0.1.1) Collection of tools for working with a DSpace repository in Ruby.
  4. 1,066 downloads
    fix_mah_gemfile (0.0.3) command-line script to modify and run bundler for you in one operation
  5. 2,746 downloads
    fixme (3.1.1) Comments that raise after a certain point in time.
  6. 7,521 downloads
    fix_microsoft_links (0.1.4) Fixes redirects to login pages when a user clicks a link to your site from a Microsoft applicatio...
  7. 4,865 downloads
    fixnames (0.5.1) Cleans up filenames so they can easily be used in scripts, without annoyances such as spaces or o...
  8. 289 downloads
    fixosm (0.0.2) Sorts nodes, ways and relations into ascending order for libosmscout
  9. 3,120 downloads
    fix_parameters (0.1.1) Redirect if :page query parameter is not an integer.
  10. 219 downloads
    fix-protocol (0.0.41) FIX message classes, parsing and generation
  11. 3,494 downloads
    fix_protocol_tools (1.2.0) log viewer for fix protocol logs
  12. 1,576 downloads
    fix_ranges (0.0.1) fix_ranges auto converts Range to an Array if the method exists for an array.This allows (0..9).r...
  13. 4,095 downloads
    fixrbconfig (1.2) Fixes the rbconfig.rb that ships with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), which makes it impossible to compile...
  14. 535 downloads
    fix_request_processing (0.0.1) Fixs rails request processing, when passing b:[], rails will convert to nil which is not correct
  15. 1,570 downloads
    fix_spec (0.2.1) Build and Inspect FIX Messages with RSpec and Cucumber steps
  16. 1,140 downloads
    fix-steam-font (0.1.1) Sets the Steam chat window fonts back to the old, small size.
  17. 1,109 downloads
    fix_symbol (0.0.2) A simple gem to allow symbols with fix id throughout different instances.
  18. 6,776 downloads
    fix_to_chix (0.0.5) convert existing yaml fixtures to factory_girl factories
  19. 222 downloads
    fixtory (0.0.2) Fixtures and Factories living together, mass hysterica
  20. 18,439 downloads
    fixturease (0.3.1) Easy fixture creation too
  21. 18,156 downloads
    fixture_background ( Generate fixtures from factories _in_ you testcode to speedup test-runs
  22. 117,562 downloads
    fixture_builder (0.3.6) FixtureBuilder allows testers to use their existing factories, like FactoryGirl, to generate high...
  23. 11,760 downloads
    fixture_dependencies (1.4.0) Sequel/ActiveRecord fixture loader that handles dependency graphs
  24. 2,461 downloads
    fixture_generator (0.0.2) Manage fixtures by generating them using Rails code
  25. 686 downloads
    fixture_overlord (0.1.9) A Rails Gem for handling Fixtures without a database. Allows mocks, stubs, hashes, model object, ...
  26. 1,065 downloads
    fixture_reducer (0.1.1) Test speedup by replacing fixtures :all with only the necessary
  27. 2,254 downloads
    fixture_replacement (3.0.1) FixtureReplacement is a Rails plugin that provides a simple way to quickly populate your test dat...
  28. 4,248 downloads
    fixtures (0.0.2) now you can do object.to_fixtures and use in tests
  29. 310 downloads
    fixture_to_factory (0.0.1) Fix to factory is for quick and dirty conversion of fixtures in your test or spec suite into fact...
  30. 1,875 downloads
    fixturize (0.1.8) fixturize your mongo(mapper) tests inline by caching blocks of created objects