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  1. 1,653 downloads
    factory_girl_namespacing_fix (0.1) allows the use of namespacing in factory_girl
  2. 19,365 downloads
    factory_girl-preload (2.3.1) Preload factories (Factory Girl) just like fixtures. It will be easy and, probably, faster!
  3. 479 downloads
    factory_girl_profiling (0.0.1) Prints number of times when factory was build or create and time (avg, min, max) that it took aft...
  4. 6,385,703 downloads
    factory_girl_rails (4.4.1) factory_girl_rails provides integration between factory_girl and rails 3 (currently just auto...
  5. 1,594 downloads
    factory_girl-remote_api (0.4.1) Simply creates an HTTP API for your FactoryGirl factories to be used by client tests.
  6. 1,150 downloads
    factory_girl_remote_strategy (0.0.6) FactoryGirl strategy for ActiveResource models.
  7. 9,056 downloads
    factory_girl_rspec (2.1.0) add helper methods to quickly instantiate and assign factory girl fixtures to your test context
  8. 2,798 downloads
    factory_girl-seeds (1.1.0) Preseed reusable data for factory girl
  9. 8,471 downloads
    factory_girl_sequences (4.3.1) factory_girl_sequences provides a collection of useful FactoryGirl sequences
  10. 426 downloads
    factory_girl_test_monitor (0.0.2) Monitors FactoryGirl strategy invocations (e.g. build, create, etc.) per test with ActiveSupport ...
  11. 5,702 downloads
    factory_girl_upgrader (0.1.4) Uses ruby_parser and ruby_scribe to dynamically convert factory_girl factories in the V1 DSL into...
  12. 1,754 downloads
    factory_grabber (1.0.3) Grab or create factories for faster Functional/Integration testing
  13. 255 downloads
    factory_group (0.0.3) Lets you create a group of factories which can be accessed from your specs
  14. 5,568 downloads
    factory_inspector (0.0.5) This very simple gem generates reports on how FactoryGirl factories are being used in your test r...
  15. 148 downloads
    factorylabs-aasm ( AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  16. 2,753 downloads
    factorylabs-activewarehouse-etl ( ActiveWarehouse ETL is a pure Ruby Extract-Transform-Load application for loading data in...
  17. 6,677 downloads
    factorylabs-adapter_extensions (0.5.4) Provides various extensions to the Rails ActiveRecord adapters.
  18. 440 downloads
    factorylabs-apn_on_rails ( apn_on_rails was developed by: jeremyjackson
  19. 1,745 downloads
    factorylabs-auto_tagger (0.1.1) Helps you automatically create tags for each stage in a multi-stage deploment and deploy from the...
  20. 575 downloads
    factorylabs-cache-money (0.2.8) Cache utilities.
  21. 429 downloads
    factorylabs-cargo ( Cargo is a set of tools to help streamline using git...
  22. 3,625 downloads
    factorylabs-casrack_the_authenticator (1.6.1) CAS Authentication via Rack Middleware
  23. 1,688 downloads
    factorylabs-castronaut (0.7.5) Your friendly, cigar smoking authentication dicator... From Space!
  24. 435 downloads
    factorylabs-delayed_job (1.8.3) Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer tasks in t...
  25. 4,827 downloads
    factorylabs-fdlcap (0.3.28) a set of capistrano recipies we use regularly at Factory Design Labs
  26. 289 downloads
    factorylabs-metric_fu ( Gives you a fist full of code metrics
  27. 1,670 downloads
    factorylabs-newrelic_rpm ( New Relic RPM is a Ruby performance management system, developed by New Relic, Inc (
  28. 152 downloads
    factorylabs-railroad ( A DOT diagram generator for Ruby on Rail applications
  29. 154 downloads
    factorylabs-thinking-sphinx (1.2.7) A concise and easy-to-use Ruby library that connects ActiveRecord to the Sphinx search daemon, ma...
  30. 4,805 downloads
    factory_loader (0.1.2) FactoryLoader is intended to help scale object creation with less pain and less refactoring. Pub...