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  1. 1,068 downloads
    flash_extensions (3.1.0) Class extensions of commonly used object helpers.
  2. 2,544 downloads
    flash_gordon (0.0.6) Flash Gordon is a gem written to simplify flash notification calls from anywhere in your applicat...
  3. 12,424 downloads
    flashgrid (3.2.1) Flashgrid is a refreshingly modern responsive web framework for beautiful and faster project deve...
  4. 7,131 downloads
    flashgrid-ext (3.1.0) Flashgrid Ext. is an extention of useful and cool javascripts for Flashgrid framework.
  5. 2,486 downloads
    flash_hash_request_uuid (0.0.3) Overrides setting flash messages to automatically wrap them in a hash. The original message is st...
  6. 1,691 downloads
    flash-header (0.1) Pure ruby library for parsing the headers of a Shockwave Flash file.
  7. 6,890 downloads
    flash_helper (1.0.4) This Rails extension provides a simple way to handle flash messages. You can easily display notic...
  8. 410 downloads
    flash_math (0.0.1) Modules for advance math calculations.
  9. 14,704 downloads
    flash-message-conductor (2.2.1) A simple pattern for managing flash messages in your Ruby on Rails application
  10. 18,020 downloads
    flash_messages_helper (0.2.1) A simple yet configurable rails view helper for displaying flash messages.
  11. 7,987 downloads
    flashoff (0.0.20) Flashoff is a refreshingly modern responsive web framework for beautiful and faster project devel...
  12. 3,575 downloads
    flashover (0.0.6) Fires events down a hose towards the Great Unknown.
  13. 7,102 downloads
    flashplayer (9.115.0) Adobe Flash Player
  14. 1,809 downloads
    flashplayer-task (0.1.0) Flash Player Task provides rake tasks to launch and close SWF files in the Adobe Flash Player
  15. 11,121 downloads
    flash_policy_server (0.1.0) This is a simple Ruby-based policy server to serve Flash's crossdomain.xml policy file....
  16. 3,370 downloads
    flash_rails_messages (0.0.8) A simple helper to display flash rails messages
  17. 7,665 downloads
    flash_render (1.2.0) Inspired by '_P.B.F._' at I use the `[:alert] and render` pat...
  18. 326 downloads
    flash_s3_rails (0.0.1.beta1) Direct multi-file uploader to s3
  19. 14,528 downloads
    flashsdk (1.1.36.pre) The Flash SDK Rubygem is brought to you by Project Sprouts (
  20. 11,517 downloads
    flashsdk_sqe (0.0.14) The Flash SDK Rubygem is brought to you by Project Sprouts (
  21. 1,509 downloads
    flash-stamp (0.1.0) Bunch of actionscript template fiels for a simple as3 project
  22. 473 downloads
    flashtastic (0.0.1) Adds Hubspot Messenger js and css into your asset pipeline. Integrates seamlessly with rails flas...
  23. 1,276 downloads
    flashtoggle (0.1.0) Commandline tool to enable and disable the Flash player in Safari and other applications that use...
  24. 4,053 downloads
    flash_tool (0.6.0) A ruby wrapper for swftool command line tool. Flash tool is small and m...
  25. 1,992 downloads
    flash_validators (3.0.9) Validate commonly used attributes easily with flash validators.
  26. 9,021 downloads
    flashy (0.0.1) flashy provides helper methods to render flash messages in Rails views. Besides, it provides a ja...
  27. 743 downloads
    flat (0.1.5) Easily process flat files with Flat. Specify the format in a subclass of Flat::File and read and ...
  28. 644 downloads
    flat2tree (1.0.0) Transform flat list into (reverse) dependency tree
  29. 1,638 downloads
    flatbed (0.0.2) A ruby library for video editing and assembly using ffmpeg
  30. 3,236 downloads
    flat_filer (0.0.18) Library for processing flat files