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  1. 10,544 downloads
    flickr_cli (0.2.4) A Command-Line tool for exploring your flickr account
  2. 4,666 downloads
    flickr_fakr (0.1.3) Use flickr_fakr to help you write functional tests without having a dependency on Flickr
  3. 3,216 downloads
    flickr-folder (0.1.1) Uses the Flickr API (through flickr_fu) to fill a folder with images that match a specified searc...
  4. 15,754 downloads
    flickr_fu (0.3.2) Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api
  5. 5,759 downloads
    flickr-fu (0.1.4) Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api
  6. 37,386 downloads
    flickrie (1.6.1) This gem wraps the Flickr API with a nice object-oriented interface.
  7. 3,682 downloads
    flickrip (0.2.2) Inspects flickr http/dom, and allows downloading of images and full sets
  8. 2,561 downloads
    flickr-login (0.0.3) This is a Rack endpoint that provides Flickr authentication. Basically it is a lightweight altern...
  9. 18,647 downloads
    flickrmocks (0.9.2) FlickrMocks provides: 1) high level search API to access the Flickr API. Flickr responses ar...
  10. 2,545 downloads
    flickr_oauth (0.0.2) Flickr API adapter using OAuth
  11. 5,438 downloads
    flickr-objects (0.5.2) This gem is an object-oriented wrapper for the Flickr API.
  12. 1,336 downloads
    flickr_offline_gallery (0.0.4) Build a local copy of a flickr photoset, including html embed snippets for all image sizes, for t...
  13. 5,354 downloads
    flickr_party (0.4.0) Lightweight wrapper for Flickr API using HTTParty
  14. 1,127 downloads
    flickrpu (0.1) Make S3 objects from Flickr photos. N.B. S3 not included.
  15. 6,678 downloads
    flickrrb (2.1) A simple interface to the Flickr public API.
  16. 3,605 downloads
    flickr.rb (1.2.1) Gem for using Flickr API in Ruby -
  17. 1,680 downloads
    flickr-rest (0.1.1) A light interface to call flickr 'restful' api methods
  18. 1,947 downloads
    flickr-store (0.0.3) Store arbitrary data with your 1TB Flickr cloud drive.
  19. 3,317 downloads
    flickr_sync (0.0.5) Flickr is a very effective way to backup lots of images but the upload tools are all pretty awful...
  20. 1,288 downloads
    flickr-tools (0.0.2) You're definitely going to want to replace a lot of this
  21. 21,444 downloads
    flickru (0.4.0) Command-line tool that automatises photo/video uploads to Flickr. Entering 'flickru <directory>'...
  22. 22,195 downloads
    flickrup (1.1.19) Flickr auto uploading script
  23. 1,697 downloads
    flickr-wrapper (0.1.3) A grassroots wrapper around flickr - Strictly for convenience
  24. 2,352 downloads
    flicks (1.0.0) This is an example application used in The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course, as descri...
  25. 5,734 downloads
    flickvimeo (1.0.3) A simple tool to use AirFlick to send Vimeo videos to your AppleTV
  26. 1,679 downloads
    fliewr (2.0.0) fliewr a GNOME application to monitor updates from Flickr contacts
  27. 50,245 downloads
    flight (0.1.11) A software model in Ruby for the greenhouse gas emissions of a flight
  28. 6,285 downloads
    flightcaster (0.2.1) Simple interaction with the flightcaster API. Look up flight predictions and information.
  29. 2,541 downloads
    flightcheck (0.0.9) A simple flight status checker
  30. 1,516 downloads
    flight-control-tower (0.2.2) This gem parses your flight components and stores their event interactions to later plot it using d3