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  1. 2,173 downloads
    flynn (0.0.9) Whenever I start a new ruby project, I usually find myself repeating the same setup steps. Flynn ...
  2. 3,055 downloads
    flyrb (1.0.0.b) A grab-bag of IRB power user madness (originaly Giles Bowkett's utility_belt).
  3. 421 downloads
    fly-swatter (0.0.0) FlySwatter was built as a drop in solution to user feedback and bug reporting.
  4. 574 downloads
    flytrap (0.0.4) Ruby client for the MantisConnect SOAP API
  5. 1,693 downloads
    flyweight ( A tiny template for the "Flyweight Pattern".
  6. 1,504 downloads
    fmalamitsas-aws-s3 ( Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API.
  7. 1,497 downloads
    fmalamitsas-cancan (1.0.2) Simple authorization solution for Rails which is completely decoupled from the user's roles. All ...
  8. 1,453 downloads
    fmalamitsas-right_aws (2.0.2) RightScale Amazon Web Services Ruby Gems
  9. 729 downloads
    fmanager (0.0.1) FManager indexes main storage folders, searches for duplicated files, checks for file backup status.
  10. 1,100 downloads
    fmap (0.0.1) fmap provides a "deep map" method that maps over any mix of arbitrarily-nested data-structures
  11. 6,035 downloads
    f-matchers (0.1.0) Rspec matchers to be shared and reused
  12. 4,011 downloads
    fmcpm (0.1.9) Foreman Multi Component Process Manager © David Dollar
  13. 7,165 downloads
    fml (0.2.5) Floor plan document toolkit
  14. 598 downloads
    fm_layout (0.0.3) Generador del Layout para la conexión con Facturación Moderna a través de un DSL
  15. 1,492 downloads
    fmod (0.0.2) Unofficial FMOD binding for Ruby
  16. 4,938 downloads
    fmod-ruby (0.3.1) Wrapper for the FMOD audio library
  17. 12,628 downloads
    fmq (0.3.5) The project implements a queue system with a server and some client apis. This project wants to b...
  18. 2,803 downloads
    fms-admin-api (0.3) Ruby client and command line interface to Flash Media Server Administration API
  19. 2,109 downloads
    fm_store (0.2) FmStore allow ActiveRecord-like read/write access to a FileMaker database.
  20. 2,456 downloads
    fmt_alias (0.0.3) Simply create virtual fields to humanize real field values
  21. 1,012 downloads
    fm_timbrado_cfdi (0.0.5) Implementación en Ruby de la Conexión con el Servicio de Timbrado de CFDI con el PAC: Facturación...
  22. 1,644 downloads
    fm_yaml_db (0.2.5) Forked gem from yaml_db - the great DB independent dumper for rails devs
  23. 4,343 downloads
    fmylife (0.6.0) This gem allows the user to access the API, which includes reading stories, readi...
  24. 1,454 downloads
    fnando-hello_world (0.1.0) A simple gem that says hello to the world!
  25. 11,279 downloads
    fn_document (0.9.18) This handles complex document creation from XML for the FASI AMS system.
  26. 7,061 downloads
    fned (0.0.7) fned allows you to use your favorite $EDITOR to edit filenames
  27. 4,237 downloads
    fnf (1.0.1) Fire and Forget replaces the need to write resque tasks or delayed jobs to fire off web requests...
  28. 2,649 downloads
    fngtps-weblog (0.5.1) Weblog tools.
  29. 1,535 downloads
    fnm-recaptcha (0.2.4) This plugin adds helpers for the reCAPTCHA API
  30. 4,155 downloads
    fnm-statistics (0.1.4) An ActiveRecord gem that makes it easier to do reporting.