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  1. 1,132 downloads
    forecastr (0.1.4) Simple gem to use with API
  2. 552 downloads
    forefront (0.0.1) Forefront moves part of your backend to frontend.
  3. 4,100 downloads
    foreground (0.1.0) Control daemonizing background processes with launchd.
  4. 2,851 downloads
    foreign_actor (1.0.1) Distributed Actors above Celluloid
  5. 1,668 downloads
    foreign_domain_routing (1.0.4) This version of foreign_domain_routing merges foreign_domain_routing with request_routing
  6. 919,480 downloads
    foreigner (1.6.1) Adds helpers to migrations and dumps foreign keys to schema.rb
  7. 9,979 downloads
    foreigner-matcher (0.3.0) Adds rspec matcher to verify the presence of foreign keys generated by Foreigner in a table schema
  8. 733 downloads
    foreigner-sqlserver (0.0.1) Add SQL Server support to foreigner
  9. 3,510 downloads
    foreign-fqdn-routing (0.0.2) Adds domain, subdomain and fqdn routing support to Rails
  10. 2,106 downloads
    foreign_key_migrations (0.3.0) Adds foreign key migrations to ActiveRecord.
  11. 4,394 downloads
    foreign_keys (2.0.3) Foreign key support plugin for Rails, with schema dumper integration
  12. 953 downloads
    foreign_key_saver (2.0.0) Adds a add_foreign_key_constraint schema method, and extends the schema dump code to output these...
  13. 4,675 downloads
    foreign_model (0.2.1) Works for ActiveRecord and Mongoid
  14. 2,603 downloads
    forem (0.0.1) The best Rails 3 forum engine in the world.
  15. 3,376,926 downloads
    foreman (0.74.0) Process manager for applications with multiple components
  16. 28,610 downloads
    foreman_api (0.1.11) Helps you to use Foreman's API calls from your app
  17. 8,513 downloads
    foreman_bootdisk (2.0.8) Plugin for Foreman that creates iPXE-based boot disks to provision hosts without the need for PXE...
  18. 17,693 downloads
    foreman-capistrano (0.53.4) Process manager for applications with multiple components + capistrano support out of the box
  19. 1,357 downloads
    foreman_chef (0.0.4) Foreman extensions that are required for better Chef integration.
  20. 5,034 downloads
    foremancli (1.0) This is the CLI for Foreman, which is a provisioning tool and node classifier for sysadmins.
  21. 230 downloads
    foreman_cockpit_plugin (0.0.2) Opens a tab with Cockpit management UI for the selected host
  22. 1,814 downloads
    foreman_column_view (0.2.0) Displays an additional column in the Foreman Hosts view and/or additional entries in the Host s...
  23. 119 downloads
    foreman-console (0.0.1.a) When working on various branches in the same project, you may want to relaunch (kill and run agai...
  24. 1,897 downloads
    foreman_content (0.4) Add Foreman support for software repositories and puppet environments management.
  25. 812 downloads
    foreman_custom_parameters (0.0.2) Foreman plugin to improve storage of custom information in parameters
  26. 1,639 downloads
    foreman_debian (0.0.9) Wrapper around foreman and Procfile concept. It implements basic exporting, installing and uninst...
  27. 2,738 downloads
    foreman_default_hostgroup (2.0.1) Adds the option to specify a default hostgroup for new hosts created from facts/reports
  28. 1,285 downloads
    foreman_dhcp_browser (0.0.5) Plugin for Foreman to browse and add/edit/delete DHCP leases independent of Foreman's host creation
  29. 3,887 downloads
    foreman_discovery (1.3.0) MaaS Discovery Plugin engine for Foreman
  30. 686 downloads
    foreman_docker (0.0.3) Provision and manage Docker containers and images from Foreman.