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  1. 11,838 downloads
    forkcms_deploy (2.4.2) Deployment for ForkCMS with Capistrano
  2. 1,148 downloads
    forkcms_new_deploy (0.1.0) Deploys fork CMS 3.0 and up
  3. 3,853 downloads
    forker (1.1.0) Fork your ruby code with confidence
  4. 1,581 downloads
    forkexec (0.0.1) Executes given block in new forked process. After timeout process is killed. Return value of fork...
  5. 1,444 downloads
    forkhandle (0.0.3) a teeny library / design pattern for managing connections in a process and thread safe fashion
  6. 4,761 downloads
    forkify (0.0.3) forkify.rb makes it easy to process a bunch of data using 'n' worker processes. It is based off...
  7. 2,734 downloads
    forking (0.1) Simple processes forking, and restarting. Master process starts as daemon.
  8. 2,180 downloads
    forkit (0.1.1-java) Process Array#each blocks concurrently with JDK7 ForkJoinPools using JRuby.
  9. 2,099 downloads
    forkjoin (1.0.1-java) A JRuby extension to efficiently wrap the JSR166 Fork/Join framework.
  10. 5,458 downloads
    fork_legacy_deploy (0.2.0) Deploy old versions of fork CMS. Specifically the one that says 'Copyright 2006', no idea what ve...
  11. 1,592 downloads
    forklift (0.2) Testing tool that allows for transactionless fixture data within specific contexts (useful in Sho...
  12. 1,016 downloads
    forklifter (0.0.1) Forklift is a preforking, autoscaling process manager for building background processing applicat...
  13. 3,087 downloads
    forklift_etl (1.1.5) A collection of ETL tools and patterns for mysql and elasticsearch.
  14. 4,667 downloads
    fork_manager (0.0.3) A class for managing parallel forking operations.
  15. 2,426 downloads
    forkme (0.0.7) Manage a fork pool
  16. 10,210 downloads
    forkoff (1.2.0) description: forkoff kicks the ass
  17. 2,152 downloads
    forkomatic (0.0.2) Easily create parallel processes to do work, continuously maintain a number of processes or perfo...
  18. 2,573 downloads
    forkpool (0.0.5) Manage a fork pool
  19. 81 downloads
    fork_rails_project (0.0.1) Generates copies of existing app directories with automatic renaming/namespacing of contained files
  20. 2,877 downloads
    forkreadme (0.0.3) Generate useful READMEs for GitHub forks
  21. 1,848 downloads
    fork_ribs (0.0.7) It gives your application a stripe/ribbon which you can use for various purposes such as 'fork me...
  22. 1,631 downloads
    fork_run (0.0.1) FIX (describe your package)
  23. 1,565 downloads
    form (0.0.0) A simple form builder for Ruby objects.
  24. 2,984 downloads
    forma (0.1.6) rich forms for ruby
  25. 3,612 downloads
    formal (1.0.1) Helpful form builder used by Rocketeers
  26. 1,762 downloads
    formality (0.0.2) ActiveModel-compliant form objects for rails app. Forms have data and behavior. Let them be the ...
  27. 3,225 downloads
    formalize (0.0.4) This is a very basic (and untested!) RubyGem to simplify web form creation, validation and proces...
  28. 14,809 downloads
    formalize-rails (0.1.3) This gem provides the assets for the formalize form styling, for easy usage with the Rails 3.1 as...
  29. 419 downloads
    formal-vote (0.0.1) A voting library providing methods for a user to vote for, against, or abstain on a model
  30. 2,051 downloads
    formal_wear (1.0.0) FormalWear helps you create Form Objects with required and optional attributes and gets all fancy...